What is Knee Pain?

(patellofemoral pain syndrome)

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Patellofemoral pain syndrome, also known as Runners Knee, is a degenerative cartilage condition wherein the cartilage on the back of the patella (knee cap) is irritated and painful because it rubs against the bone of the upper leg.

Knee Pain Common Symptoms

  • Dull, aching pain leading to sharp localized pain in the front of the knee, particularly while going up or down stairs and hills
  • A grinding sensation and stiffness when squatting, bending and climbing stairs
  • The sensation of the knee “giving away” beneath them

Knee Pain Treatment

Treatment options vary according to symptoms and the severity of the injury.

  • Quadriceps strengthening exercises and a hamstring flexibility program
  • Actions such as crouching, knee bends and resistance exercises with knee extension from a fully flexed position should be avoided
  • Most importantly, proper alignment of the patella must be maintained
  • Wearing well constructed running shoes and orthotics will help maintain alignment and limit pronation
  • It is important to change running shoes every 300 miles to ensure the shoes have not broken down causing poor alignment
If proper treatment steps are followed, you will likely experience pain relief within weeks and complete recovery within months (generally 2 – 3 months).
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How is knee pain caused?

The knee is a complex structure and is very sensitive. A number of factors can contribute to runner’s knee, including:

  • Malalignment of the kneecap
  • Complete or partial dislocation
  • Injury
  • Tightness, imbalance, or weakness of thigh muscles
  • Flat feet

Patellofemoral pain may be the result of irritation of the soft tissues around the front of the knee. Strained tendons are fairly common in athletes. Other contributing factors to patellofemoral pain include overuse, muscle imbalance and inadequate stretching. Pain that begins in another part of the body, such as the back or hip, may cause pain in the knee (referred pain).

In some people with runner’s knee, the kneecap is out of alignment. If so, vigorous activities can cause excessive stress and wear on the cartilage of the kneecap. This can lead to softening and breakdown of the cartilage on the patella and cause pain in the underlying bone and irritation of the joint lining.

Best Shoes for Knee Pain

We carry a wide variety of shoes and sandals for knee pain to ease your pain in both casual and professional situations.

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Many of the supportive shoes we carry have great support which limits pronation and reduces the stress on the knees. Additionally, we carry shoes with cushioned soles that reduce the impact on your heel which reduces the stress on the entire leg. Often times, the best shoes for knee pain have a mild rocker sole to limit the amount of torque on the knees.

Best Arch Supports for Knee Pain

We carry a wide variety of shoes and arch supports for heel spurs heel pain online and in Southern California to fit your casual, professional, and athletic shoes.

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The best arch support for knee pain will have good shock absorption, control pronation, and limit rotation of the knee. We have over the counter arch supports and custom molded orthotics which helps reduce the pain associated with knee pain. Make an appointment today with a specialist to find out which knee pain arch support is best for you!

Where to buy arch supports and shoes for knee pain

At Lucky Feet Shoes, we carry a wide variety of arch supports and shoes for knee pain online and in Southern California. We fit customers witharch supports and shoes for knee pain in Orange County, Inland Empire, Riverside, Temecula and Los Angeles County. Our stores in Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, San Dimas, Anaheim Hills, Temecula, Riverside, Palm Desert, Uplands, and Long Beach. We invite you to stop by for a free foot analysis and try our arch supports and shoes for knee pain. In addition, we have a large selection of comfort shoes, wide shoes, walking shoes, running shoes, arch supports, and custom orthotics!

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