Relief from Plantar Fasciitis Pain
in One Pair of Shoes Away 

Step into cushioned, supportive comfort that work to make your feet feel better!

Sovella, so comfortable!!

Your Shoes Should Make Your Feet Feel Good.

We know plantar fasciitis makes it hard to find shoes that feel good.

That’s why we created Sovella®. Our footwear supports your feet, cushions your footfall, and helps to relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis. They feel good and they look good.

Though created specifically for those with plantar fasciitis, Sovella footwear also offers relief from a variety of other foot pain including bunions, ball-of-foot pain, and hip, knee, or back pain.

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Shoes that meet the needs of your feet.

Contoured Footbed

The shoe is shaped like your foot. This allows for the shoe to support your arch, cradle your heel, and cushion the ball of your foot.

Firm Comfort

The built-in arch support provides firm comfort that will leave your feet feeling good all day long.


The woven toe post and heel cradle provide maximum stability for your feet.

Shoes that promote whole-body wellness

Most shoes are created without much thought to how they make you feel. They may have great style, but they could be the cause of your foot pain. Our foot wear is comfort first – these shoes will feel great as soon as you put them on. They’re made to align your body, evenly distribute your body weight across your foot, and help guide you through the natural motion of walking.

Find relief from foot pain today

Wear your Sovellas
when you first get up in
the morning.

Change into your
Sovellas after you get
home from work or a

Enjoy a life without
foot pain!

Happy Feet, Happy Customers

Feeling Lucky

“These did wonders for my plantar fasciitis pain! I keep them on whenever I’m in the house to keep my feet from hurting.”

– Favio

Heel Pain is Gone!

“This shoe is really great to have in the house so I’m not standing on hard ground all the time which irritates my heel spurs”

– Veronica 

My At-Home Go-To

“I love wearing these around my house, especially after work when my feet are tired. It has the perfect level of cushion and support. And they’re easy to clean!”

– Tiffany

Aren’t You Ready to be Free of Your Foot Pain?

When you wear shoes that support your feet, you’ll feel the difference in your whole body. You don’t need to put your life on hold because of foot pain. Relief is just one pair of shoes away.