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Brooks Women's Glycerin GTS 21 (Medium) Lavender Brooks Women's Glycerin GTS 21 (Medium) Lavender
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Taos Women's Gift 2 Sandal Red Taos Women's Gift 2 Sandal Red
Taos Women's Gift 2 Sandal Red
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Taos Women's Gift 2 Sandal Bronze Taos Women's Gift 2 Sandal Bronze
Taos Women's Gift 2 Sandal Bronze
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Onfoot Women's Tucson Tan
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Onfoot Women's Tucson Black
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Top Features to Look for When Shopping for Women's Walking Shoes

Are you tired of dealing with foot pain and discomfort while trying to stay active? Choosing the right pair of women's walking shoes can make all the difference in your overall comfort and foot health.

With so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to know which shoes are best suited for your individual needs. Wearing the wrong pair can lead to a variety of foot issues, including blisters, bunions, and plantar fasciitis.

It is crucial to prioritize comfort, support, and durability when selecting women’s walking shoes. By understanding your foot type, gait, and the activities you will be engaging in, you can make an informed decision that will benefit your overall foot health.

Here, we have provided a couple of tips on how to pick the right women's walking shoes for your specific needs. Read on!

How to Determine Your Foot Type

First, it's important for you to know the type of foot you have before committing to a new pair of shoes for walking. 

To determine your foot type, start by examining your arches. If you have low arches (flat feet), your feet are likely to pronate inward when walking or running. High arches, on the other hand, indicate supination, where the feet roll outward.

To determine your arch type, you can do a wet test by wetting your foot and stepping on a piece of paper to see your arch imprint. 

Additionally, you can visit a podiatrist or a specialized shoe store for a more accurate analysis.

How to Measure Your Foot Size Accurately

Your size is, of course, essential to picking the right pair, either for walking or just an everyday shoe. 
The steps are:

  1. Gather the necessary tools: a piece of paper, a pen or pencil, a ruler or measuring tape, and a flat surface to stand on.
  2. Place the piece of paper on the floor against a wall or baseboard.
  3. Stand on the piece of paper with your heel against the wall.
  4. Use a pen or pencil to mark the longest point of your foot on the paper. This is usually the tip of your longest toe (often the big toe).
  5. Measure the distance from the edge of the paper to the mark you made. Use the ruler or measuring tape to get an accurate measurement in either inches or centimeters.
  6. Repeat the process for your other foot, as foot sizes can sometimes differ.
  7. Use the measurement to determine your foot size by referring to a size chart. Different brands may have slightly different sizing, so it's a good idea to refer to the specific brand's size chart if possible.

Remember that it's best to measure your feet in the evening when they are slightly swollen from being on your feet all day, as this is when they are the largest. 

It's also worth researching if your feet are considered a bit wider or narrower than usual. Wider feet will always require that extra 0.5 size you see everything, while narrow feet will likely require more stability than usual. Always keep that in mind as well. 

Understanding your arch type, size, and the different types of feet is crucial for selecting the right footwear that provides adequate support and helps prevent injuries. It's also important to know your shoe size, as ill-fitting shoes can lead to discomfort and foot problems over time.

Supportive Arch Design

When looking for the best walking shoes for women, prioritize a supportive arch design that provides comfort and stability. A well-designed arch support in your walking shoes can make a significant difference in how your feet feel during and after a walk. The arch of your foot is a vital structure that helps absorb the shock of each step and distributes pressure evenly.

Opting for walking shoes with proper arch support ensures that your feet are well-cushioned and supported, reducing the risk of discomfort or injury, especially if you suffer from flat feet, overpronation, or underpronation. 

Supportive arches not only enhance comfort but also promote proper alignment, which is crucial for preventing pain in your feet, knees, and lower back. With the right arch support, you can enjoy longer walks without experiencing fatigue or strain.

Look for supportive shoes that offer adequate cushioning around the arch area to ensure a snug and supportive fit. Or also look for those that can easily fit a removable insole and offer extra cushioning and support for different occasions.

Your feet will thank you for choosing walking shoes that prioritize both comfort and stability.

Breathable and Lightweight Materials

For optimal comfort and performance in women's walking shoes, prioritize selecting pairs crafted from breathable and lightweight materials. When shopping for walking shoes, women seek out designs that not only provide support but also offer breathability to keep their feet cool and comfortable during long walks.

Breathable materials like mesh or knit uppers allow air to flow through the shoes, preventing overheating and sweat buildup, which is good for people who might suffer from arthritis, have wide feet, or just have sweaty feet in general. Additionally, lightweight materials reduce the overall burden on your feet, making each step feel effortless and light. Lightweight options are best for running or physical activities, which is why most running shoes are lighter than women's everyday shoes. 

Choosing walking shoes made from these breathable and lightweight materials ensures that your feet stay fresh and comfortable, even on the hottest days or longest walks. The combination of these features in your walking shoes will enhance your overall walking experience and make you feel like you belong on the path, moving with ease and agility.

Slip-Resistant Outsole

Choosing women's walking shoes with a slip-resistant outsole ensures stability and confidence on various surfaces. When shopping for walking shoes, women should prioritize this feature to enhance their walking experience. A slip-resistant outsole provides a reliable grip, reducing the risk of slipping or falling, especially on wet or uneven terrains. This feature is essential for maintaining a steady pace and feeling secure with every step you take. 

Women who enjoy walking as a form of exercise or simply for leisure will appreciate the added safety and peace of mind that a slip-resistant outsole offers. Whether you're walking in the park, on a trail, or around the neighborhood, having this feature in your shoes can boost your confidence and allow you to focus on enjoying your walk without worrying about slipping. Running shoes, hiking shoes, or generally most athletic shoes will have this feature. 

If you don't mind having tennis shoes as everyday wear, then these are a great option for slip-resistant footwear.

Next time you're shopping for comfortable walking shoes for women, make sure to look for a slip-resistant outsole among the key features. This won't only enhance your walking experience but also help you feel more secure and grounded during your walks.

Cushioned Midsole for Comfort

With a cushioned midsole, your feet will experience unparalleled comfort and support with every step you take. When choosing women's walking shoes, look for features like a cushioned midsole to ensure your feet are well taken care of during your walks.

The extra cushioning in the midsole provides a soft padding that absorbs impact, reducing the strain on your feet and joints. This feature is especially important for those who enjoy long walks or are on their feet for extended periods.

Walking shoes with a cushioned midsole offer the perfect blend of comfort and support, making your walking experience more enjoyable. The added cushioning helps to distribute your weight evenly across your foot, preventing any discomfort or pain that may arise from walking on hard surfaces.

Whether you're strolling through the park or running errands, having a cushioned midsole in your women's sneakers can make a significant difference in how your feet feel at the end of the day. Make sure to prioritize comfort when selecting your next pair of walking shoes.

Proper Fit and Sizing

Finding the right fit and size for your women's walking shoes is crucial for a comfortable and supportive walking experience. When shopping for walking shoes, ensure that the shoes fit snugly but not too tight. Your toes should have some room to wiggle, and there should be ample support around the arch and heel.

Proper sizing is essential to prevent blisters and discomfort during your walks.

Look for features like adjustable laces or straps that allow you to customize the fit according to your foot shape and size. Remember that the fit may vary between different shoe brands, so always try them on before making a purchase. Additionally, consider the type of socks you usually wear while walking, as this can also impact the fit of the shoes.

Always Put Comfort and Your Feet's Health over Style When Looking for Those New Walking Sneakers

So, next time you're in the market for a new pair of walking shoes, remember to prioritize support, breathability, slip-resistance, cushioning, and proper fit.

By keeping these key features in mind, you can ensure that your feet are comfortable and well-supported on all your walking adventures.

Happy walking!