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Let's face it: in an ideal world, every pair of shoes would be a perfect fit for our feet. But then we have to deal with reality, and it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. We’ve been looking for the best wide shoe to no avail. You'll have to look hard to find men's wide-width footwear. You probably found this article after searching Google for "wide shoes for men." If you're in the market for men's wide shoes, you've come to the correct spot to learn about the greatest wide shoe companies.

Which type of wide shoe are you shopping for?

Why Choose Wide Feet Shoes?

Feet care should be a top priority if you want to avoid foot pain. There are several benefits to choosing a wider-fit shoe, even if you don't believe you have unusually wide feet.

Some of them are listed below.

Prevent Blisters and Corns

It goes without saying that rubbing will occur as soon as you put on shoes that are too small. Blisters and corns can develop on the feet from constant rubbing against shoes. Corns hurt and look bad. Although they are treatable, persistent rubbing on affected areas will leave permanent scarring.

Avoid Hammertoes

Shoes that are too small in the toe box can also cause the unsightly deformity of hammertoes, in which the toes are pulled back and forced into a claw shape. When a toe joint becomes malformed, it causes the affected toe to protrude above the other, making it unpleasant to wear certain shoes. You may avoid the discomfort and perhaps permanent damage to your toes caused by this condition by always wearing shoes with a roomy toe box. Shoe shapes like almond or rounded toes do a better job of reducing the risk of hammer toes.

Gives Your Foot More Wiggle Room

The extra room between the toes and the heel of a pair of wide-fit shoes is welcome. Avoid synthetic materials in favor of leather if you want to avoid foot fungus caused by excessive perspiration, which can spread from shoe to shoe.

Extra Space For Insoles

People tend to agree that flat shoes, such as ballet pumps or your favorite sneaker, are healthier for your feet than heels. That's not the case; it's just fiction. Collapsed arches, which can be very painful, can be caused by wearing completely flat shoes, especially shoes with very little material (insole and sole) between the foot and the floor. Choose flats with a modest heel, cushioned insoles, and arch supports if you need to wear them all day. A pair with a large toe box will give your feet more freedom to move, and if the padding isn't enough, you can always use an insole. View our selection of flats and pumps here.

How To Choose Wide Shoes For Men?

Next are some of the things to consider when choosing wide shoes for men:

  • Shoes have detachable insoles, so you can take out the insole if it's too snug. You'll have this option when you use orthotic shoes.
  • Stay away from anything with a sharp toe. In order to accommodate your toes, a pair of men's shoes designed for broad feet should feature a wider forefoot than usual.
  • Say "no" to slip-on shoes. They're simple to put on and take off, but they don't provide adequate foot support and cause your feet to slide forward.
  • Choose shoes with a flexible top and a stable, wide sole.
  • Pick a pair of footwear that has some sort of fastening. Shoes with laces or Velcro closures can be easily tailored to the wearer's specific foot width and shape. They serve to prevent the foot from sliding about.

Note: Wide feet can benefit from the support and cushioning offered by a good pair of orthotics, which also improves the wearer's overall posture and sense of balance.

Comfortable Brands for Wide Shoes for Men

If you are looking for more of a running shoe, both New Balance and Brooks offer wide widths. New Balance Men go up to a 6E which is an extra, extra wide and Brooks shoes for Men go up to a 4E which is extra wide. On the more casual side or to pull off a business casual look, you may want to consider Rockport for men’s shoes. Their shoes are available up to a 4E. Dunham is another great brand with widths available up to 6E.

1. New Balance 990 Wide Running Shoe

Wide Shoes for Men

A great New Balance wide shoe is New Balance 990. This is a full motion control shoe which means that it has built-in pronation and supination support as well as lateral arch support. This shoe keeps your foot from caving inwards which is the pronation and it keeps your foot from having an outward rolling motion which is the supination control. In addition, this shoe is built with a lateral arch support which helps keep the center of your foot from bending. All of these features built into a shoe will put less stress and fatigue on your feet to help you walk all day.

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2. Brooks Beast Wide Men’s Running Shoe

Wide Shoes for Men

The Brooks Men’s Beast is built to last and withstand just about anything. This running shoe is one of Brooks’ most supportive shoe, offering exceptional ankle support and ensuring maximum stability with a tremendously soft, cushioned feel underfoot. It is considered a support shoe meaning that you will get lateral support for your arch and because it’s designed as a running shoe, its made with breathable mesh and overall lightweight comfort so you can go the distance without feeling weighed down. Its tongue and padded collar keep your ankles steady and the shoe clutches your heel providing added stability. Finally, you can shop this dress shoe in a D, 2E and 4E width, earning a spot in this small list of best shoes for wide feet you can get.

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3. Rockport World Tour Men’s Wide Casual Shoe

rockport world tour brown
One of the best walking shoes for wide feet, the World Tour is built using Rockport’s Walking Platform

Construction which helps provide a wide base of support for your heel and adds forefoot. In addition, its padded collar and tongue help protect you from excessive rubbing and helps prevent blisters. Its full-grain leather conforms to your foot over time for a custom, comfortable fit and is easy to maintain. It has an EVA midsole footbed and its rubber outsole is top-notch as far as a durable outsole goes, perfect for longwear. You can shop the Rockport World Tour in both medium and wide width.

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4. Dunham REVDusk Men’s Wide Dress Shoe

dunham mens revdusk black smooth

This Dunham REVDusk is a timeless classic oxford that is totally worth every penny. This oxford displays confident craftsmanship of contrasting leathers and stitch detailing that stands it with every look. These leather shoes are great for their waterproof seam sealed leather uppers with contrast stitching and breathable textile lining allows air to pass through keeping your feet cooler and drier. In addition, the durable EVA outsole is lightweight and shock absorbing which leads to a smoother ride. Not to mention, its memory foam footbed adds support and helps absorb shock. Finally, you can shop this dress shoe in a D, 2E and 4E width if you have wider feet.

Dunham Casual and Dress Wide Shoes

5. Aetrex Lexington Men’s Wide Dress Shoe

aetrex men's lexington brown

One of the best dress shoes for wide feet, the Aetrex Men’s Lexington is a versatile shoe that is a great work or a night out shoe. This classic oxford style features a full grain leather upper, soft leather linings for comfort and breathability. Its polyurethane outsole will give you great cushioning, stability and support to help keep you on your feet pain-free. In addition, this style has 1/4´´ removable depth to help accommodate your custom orthotics or over-the-counter orthotics. Not to mention, this Aetrex shoes is recommended for men who have bunions, arthritis, diabetic feet, or who require additional support from arch supports. Shop this men’s wide shoes in medium, wide and extra wide.

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Where to Shop Wide Shoes for Men?

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