At Lucky Feet Shoes, our goal is to bring to you comfort, fit, and style. Our Palm Desert shoe store has Pedorthists on staff, and we are official New Balance Pro Care fit specialists. We carry a full selection of quality men’s and women’s footwear with many features and sizes. Visit us at Lucky Feet Shoes of Palm Desert and find out why customers keep coming back!

Lucky Feet Shoes
We are located in the Desert Crossing Shopping Center, between Old Navy and Total Wine & More.

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Free Foot Analysis

Our foot analysis helps you discover the right comfort shoes, walking shoes, running shoes or custom orthotics for your feet.



What’s in store for you in Palm Desert

  • Get tips and articles on foot pain symptoms and foot health.
  • Ask the experts in our shoe store, your foot pain questions.
  • Our trained pedorthists can perform a FREE full foot analysis.
  • Learn which shoes are right for you.
  • Learn how to achieve better health through your feet!
  • Try on the latest stylish and comfortable footwear!
Areas we serve
We service customers from all over Riverside County. Customers come from Cathedral City, Thousand Palms, La Quinta, Indio, Coachella, Cahuilla Hills, Bermuda Dunes, Thermal, Indian Wells, Palm Springs, and Taylor, just to name a few!

Your appointment

Lucky Feet Shoes is a comfort footwear and orthotic inserts retailer. In our stores, we offer a personalized fitting for our customers to help them with many different foot problems. Our company also offers online retailing to customers seeking comfortable shoes, orthopedic shoes, custom orthotics, and orthotic inserts, women’s and men’s sandals, or those just reordering their favorite styles online. We have a great selection of all of the best official comfortable brands for men and women shoes: Dansko, New Balance, Vionic, Aetrex, Brooks being among the best sellers.

Each of our shoe stores offers a personalized fitting process where we study the customer’s gait, measure you, and use a digital pressure mapping system for a complete foot analysis. During this process, our highly trained staff evaluate your feet in order to understand your needs and any foot or body issues that may be affecting you. We will find the perfect shoes that look good and bring you great comfort. Just check out our reviews!


Plantar Fasciitis Shoes Wearing flat footwear or shoes that don”t have proper support can worsen Plantar Fasciitis pain. Our shoe store has special Plantar Fasciitis shoes, sandals, and even flip-flops; specially made to support your arches and prevent Plantar Fasciitis pain. Come to our shoe store and get comfort now!
Bunions Shoes Tight shoes put pressure on your feet, which can worsen the pain and discomfort caused by Bunions. On the other hand, loose-fitting footwear can cause you to slip up and down inside your shoes, and rub the skin – which can also cause pain. Our shoe store has the perfect array of the most comfortable bunion shoes, specially made for Bunions. Grab a pair now!
Heel Spur & Heel Support Shoes Heel Spurs can cause excruciating heel pain whenever you walk, run, or jog. With good heel support, this pain can be reduced, and eventually treated, bringing you great comfort. We have the best heel support shoes, designed to ease aching heels and aid customers with Heel Spurs. Come to our shoe store and check out our heel support shoes now!
Arthritic Shoes Arthritis can be agonizing, so much that it can prevent you from doing minor tasks and even walking. Fortunately, wearing specialized shoes for arthritis can help reduce the pain and allow you to move and do things. Our shoe store has the most comfortable shoes, specially designed for people who have arthritic knees and feet. Bring comfort to yourself now!
Achilles Tendonitis Shoes Shoes and inserts that elevate the heel to the perfect position will reduce the pressure on your Achilles tendon. Specialty Achilles tendonitis shoes should also control your pronation and provide you the right arch support. Our shoe store has the footwear designed to ease the pain caused by Achilles tendonitis. Bring comfort to your heels today!
Foot, Shin, Hip, Knee, Back Pain Support Shoes Poor foot or sole support can cause joint, muscle, and bone pain from the spine down to the toes. It sounds like a minor thing, yes, but it can lead to major, more severe aches and discomfort. The good news is, there are specialty ortho support shoes that can help ease the ball of foot pain, shin splintship painknee pain, and lower and upper back pain. Check out our shoe store now!
High Arch Support & Extra Wide Flat Feet Shoes The shape and bone structure of your feet can affect your balance, health, and even your whole lifestyle. We have orthopedic footwear for every foot size, shape, type that will bring extra comfort to your feet. Do you have fallen arches or flat feet? Come to our shoe store and check out our wide range of arch supports and shoes now!
Hammer Toes Shoes Hammertoes form when the muscles in the toes and ball of the foot aren’t working together correctly. The imbalance can push toes out of proper alignment in a few different ways. Your toes may pull back, forcing the knuckle up. Your toes may pinch together or wedge up against your other toes. We have a wide variety of hammertoes shoes in our shoe store…come check them out!
Mortons Neuroma Shoes Morton’s neuroma occurs between the third and fourth toes in the ball of your foot, where the nerve tissue gets thicker. This is commonly caused by wearing shoes that have a tapered toe. If you have flat feet or flexible feet, you have a higher risk of developing a neuroma. We carry Mortons Neuroma shoes that have features that have been proven to ease the intense pain associated with Morton’s Neuroma.
Metatarsalgia Shoes Common causes for Metatarsalgia, which is a ball of foot pain include: Restrictive shoes that tend to force the ball of the foot into a small space, and put excessive pressure on that area; High impacts; If you are overweight; If you have either flat feet, bunions, bursitis, Morton’s neuroma, arthritis, gout, and diabetes. We have a variety of Metatarsalgia shoes in our stores now!
Women’s Shoes can cover every occasion – from formal dinners to a casual walk in the park. We carry all types of comfortable footwear for women; heels, clogs, sandals, Mary Jane”s, and specialty extra wide boots, chic dress shoes, and flats. You haven’t worn the perfect pair when you haven’t been to one of our nearby shoe stores! Come shop our wide variety of cute ladies’ shoes today!
To be a man is to wear the right footwear for every occasion. We even carry slip-resistant shoes for work. Get that dashing look you deserve with our extra wide dress shoes, extra wide casual shoes, and extra-wide walking shoes. We also have a huge inventory of comfortable men”s sandals and slippers. Check out our wide array of Men”s Shoes!

Our walking shoes are designed to help you have more comfortable steps throughout the day. If you’re looking for the top specialty sneakers, we carry extra-wide walking shoes built for long strolls, or just your casual day-to-day activities, shop our extensive men’s and women’s inventory of the best walking shoes today!

Running requires more cushion to support your feet every time it impacts the ground. Get fit without aching feet with our specialty running shoes! We carry all types of extra-wide motion-control running shoes.

Do you have pronation issues? We have the right pronation shoes if you have over, neutral, anti, mild, or even normal pronation shoe needs. Come shop for yours now!

Quality work shoes that help you get the job done by keeping your extra wide feet comfortable as you work. Whether you’re a nurse or a school teacher, our extra-wide working shoes can withstand the toughest shifts. We carry men’s and women’s slip-resistant shoes built for messy situations at work, come shop for your comfort shoes at our orthopedic shoe store in Long Beach.
If you’re looking for the best go-to footwear, sandals are the best choice you will ever get. We carry both men’s and women’s designer, leather, slide, sport, and strap sandals. They’re easy to wear, and can go with just about any outfit. Our shoe store has tons of the most comfortable sandals to choose from. Start shopping now!


Palm Desert
“Feel the warmth” of an amazing city in the Coachella Valley called Palm Desert. It’s one of the state”s fastest-growing cities and is a famous place for snowboards to retreat during colder climates since you can go up the Palm Springs Tram to San Jacinto Mountain and enjoy the alpine climate. If you’re visiting the place, then you should experience The Living Desert. It’s filled with desert wildlife and unique kinds of flora and fauna. From giraffes to agaves, there’s a lot stored to keep you entertained.

Grab the latest issue of Vogue, a cool drink, and your sunscreen then head out to the pool! Get a tan with warm sunshine all year round, and stay at any of the city’s resorts and hotels that offer poolside fun! A great choice would be the new Palm Desert Aquatic Center that has great water, and three pools for everything from serious swimming sports to just family fun!

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