What is Back Pain?Back pain shoes

Back pain associated with the feet is often a result of asymmetry or a lack of alignment from the ground up. When our bodies are out of alignment from beginning at the ground, it can have a serious impact on our entire skeletal system.


Back pain common symptoms/complaints

Back pain that is caused or contributed to from the feet is generally described as a general ache across the entire lower back. In some cases, the pain can also be felt in the upper back and neck region. The symptoms and complaints are generally correlated to the postural asymmetry that is present. In many cases, there is no noted foot pain or complaints of foot pain.

How is back pain caused?

When the feet are over or under pronated, the entire skeletal system gets out of alignment. This is most common with over pronation but can be seen with under pronation as well. The alignment of the entire leg, hips and lower back is affected. This strains the muscles of the lower back as they attempt to maintain a normal back posture. The poor alignment at our foundation causes a stress affect all the way up to our spine. Depending on the individual, the pain associated with this poor alignment can be felt in various different locations.

The human foot naturally has curvature that was designed to navigate soft natural terrain. It is only recently that mankind has “paved” the world and we have walked on hard flat surfaces with shoes. This is where the poor alignment begins.Spinal conditions

How is back pain treated?

Wearing orthotics to help improve posture is a commonly recommended practice. Most people find relief with consistent uses of recommended orthotic devices.

Specific shoes designed to simulate natural gait have also shown to relieve back pain. Shoes with rocker bottom soles simulate walking barefoot on natural terrain.

Best Shoes for Back Pain

We carry a wide variety of shoes and sandals for back pain. Many of the supportive shoes and sandals we carry have great support which limits pronation. Over pronation can lead to back pain. Additionally it is very important that shoes for back pain have removable insoles to accommodate orthotics for back pain. We carry shoes with cushioned soles that reduce the impact on your feet which reduces the stress on your spine. Often times, the best shoes for back pain have a mild rocker sole to help distribute pressure evenly across the foot.

Best Arch Supports for Back PainBack pain shoes

We have a wide variety of arch supports for back pain. The best arch support for back pain will have good shock absorption, control pronation, and evenly distribute pressure across the foot. We have over-the-counter arch supports and custom molded orthotics which help to reduce the pain associated with back pain. Make an appointment today with a specialist to find out which back pain arch support is best for you!

Where to buy Back Pain Shoes and Arch Supports

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