Reasons Not To Wear High Heels

If you are a woman, you most likely own a pair of high heels and worn them at some point in your life. Did you wear your high heels for a special event or a night on the town and wished you hadn’t? If you are like many others, you may wear heels to look taller, complete your look, or to accent the shape of your legs. However, your favorite heels may be costing you more for than you think. Beware, those cute heels or pumps you absolutely can’t live without, may be impacting your health. Below are a few reasons not to wear high heels:

  1. High Risk to develop bunionsreason-not-to-wear-high-heels-bunions-hammer-toes

    Bunions are the most common problem associated with habitual heel wearers. Bunions are the result of improper alignment of the big toe joint. Once developed, bunions are very painful because shoes to press up against the bunion, resulting in direct irritation. Read more on bunions.

  2. Increased chances of developing hammer toe

    Many high heels have a narrow toe box. When combined with the increased pressure placed on the ball of the foot, they can cause toes to cramp, thus increasing the chances of developing hammer toes. Read more on hammer toes.

  3. Increases the risk of suffering for Plantar Fasciitis

    Wearing high heels with little or no arch support, can overstretch, tear, or inflame the plantar fascia. This can create insane heel pain and possibly lead to foot surgery. Read more on plantar fasciitis.

  4. Wearing High Heels can cause Arthritis

    A study conducted by Harvard, found that wearing two-inch heels places 23 % more strain on the inner knee than wearing flat shoes. Heels cause you to bend our knees unnaturally, which increases the amount of pressure placed on the joints. This study’s results suggest habitual heel wearers are twice as likely as men to develop osteoarthritis in their knees. Read more on arthritis.

  5. Wearing High Heels Can Damage Leg and Foot Musclesreason-not-to-wear-high-plantar-fasciitis

    A study published by the Journal of Applied Physiology, found that habitual heel wearers who constantly have their feet in a toe-pointed position, caused women’s calf muscles to shorten. Thus, leading habitual heel wearers to place more strain on their muscles.

  6. Cause Bone Damage

    High heels can actually cause permanent damage to bones and ligaments to your lower half of your body. In a Washington Post report, podiatrists concluded that walking in heels for a long period can cause fractures or cracks in the bones of the feet.

  7. Altered Posture

    In wearing heels, you force your body into an awkward position that over time can damage your lower back, hips and knees. Heels cause spine misalignment and places excessive pressure on the knees. Later resulting in your calves, hips and back muscles to become tense. As you wear your heels you’ll notice, your body forwards in an unnatural position and your back over-arches backwards.reasons-not-to-wear-high-heels-feet-hurt

  8. It Hurts To Wear High Heels

    For many women, wearing high heels brings them joy but at the same time causes aching feet and unwanted blisters. A study conducted by the American Pediatric Medical Association, found that the majority of women who participated and reported wearing heels recognized that their heels caused their feet to ache.

Most women love to wear heels and some wear their favorite heels or pumps daily, but before deciding on wearing them again, ask if they are worth putting your health at risk. Be conscious and kind to your body the next time you decide to wear those cute heels. Since it may be impossible for some of you to say goodbye to your heels for good, occasionally slip into a pair of flats to help reduce the strain on the bones of your feet.

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