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8 Plantar Fasciitis Brands You Can Trust

Plantar Fasciitis Shoe Brands You Can Trust

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Plantar Fasciitis Explained

Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation of the plantar fascia, causing heel and arch pain. It is often caused by overuse or excessive stretching of the tissue, worsened by factors like flat feet, unsupportive shoes, tight calf muscles, and high-impact activities. Common symptoms include morning pain and stiffness, worsened pain with activity, and a tight feeling in the foot. If left untreated, it can lead to arch pain and the development of Heel Spurs. Seek medical attention for proper diagnosis and early intervention to prevent worsening of the condition.

Our Most Trusted Plantar Fasciitis Shoe Brands

Plantar Fasciitis is often unfamiliar until you encounter heel pain or receive a diagnosis of this condition. If you have stumbled upon this blog, it is likely that you have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis or suspect that you are experiencing pain related to this condition. You may already be acquainted with the discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis, but there is no need to worry! We have curated a selection of reputable shoe brands specifically designed to alleviate this pain; you have arrived at the perfect destination! Living with Plantar Fasciitis can be bothersome, but you can enhance your quality of life by mitigating the pain through the use of well-crafted, supportive footwear. Here are some of our most trusted brands renowned for their plantar fasciitis products:


Sovella is a renowned brand known for its exceptional recovery abilities, comfort, and remarkable arch support. Specifically designed to alleviate foot stress and soreness, Sovella sandals and shoes are highly recommended for individuals with plantar fasciitis. Unlike traditional flip-flops, Sovella offers the necessary cushioning and arch support to reduce plantar fasciitis pain. The meticulously crafted footwear provides excellent foot cradling, allowing individuals to stay comfortably on their feet throughout the day. Sovella's focus on arch support helps minimize stress on the plantar fascia and prevent flat feet, thus preventing various foot problems. You can only find Sovella at Lucky Feet Shoes comfort shoe stores, located in Southern California. FIND A STORE.



Aetrex is renowned for their dedication to producing the healthiest footwear available, specifically aimed at reducing the pain associated with plantar fasciitis. Their shoes are designed to offer exceptional support and alleviate discomfort, and they provide an extensive selection of footwear options, ranging from casual and dress shoes to athletic footwear and sandals. Their commitment to prioritizing foot health and overall comfort is evident in every pair they create, and with their focus on quality and functionality, Aetrex has earned a strong reputation among individuals seeking relief from plantar fasciitis.




Dansko has been renowned since 1990 for its incredibly comfortable and supportive footwear, including clogs, dress shoes, and casual shoes. With a focus on all-day comfort, their stylish shoes are designed, crafted, and tested to cater to professionals who spend extended hours on their feet. Notably, Dansko shoes are also an excellent choice for individuals with plantar fasciitis, as they feature anatomically contoured footbeds, high-quality materials, and provide the necessary support and cushioning to alleviate discomfort and strain on the plantar fascia.



OluKai offers a diverse selection of Hawaiian-inspired footwear, including water-friendly flip-flops, slip-ons, and sneakers. Embracing the ocean-lifestyle, their laid-back and stylish designs not only exude durability and comfort, but also provide excellent support for individuals dealing with plantar fasciitis. OluKai understands the importance of heel-to-toe comfort and incorporates features that alleviate the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, such as high-quality leather and meticulous handcrafted details. By combining style and functionality, OluKai shoes offer a solution for those seeking relief from the discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis, ensuring that every step taken is both fashionable and supportive.



Whether you're engaging in everyday casual activities or preparing for your next 5K run, New Balance's shoes for men and women are designed to provide exceptional cushioning, arch support, and stylish comfort. As a leading global athletic products company, New Balance understands the importance of addressing various foot conditions, including Plantar Fasciitis. Their shoes are crafted with features that offer comfort and support for individuals suffering from bunions, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, heel spurs, or other types of foot pain, such as heel, arch, ball of foot, knee, or back pain. With their focus on incorporating cushioning systems and technologies that alleviate strain on the plantar fascia ligament, New Balance provides a footwear solution that not only helps manage plantar fasciitis, but also offers relief and comfort for a range of foot-related issues. From the moment you slip into a pair of New Balance shoes, you can experience the combined benefits of style, comfort, and targeted support, ensuring that every step you take is a step towards alleviating foot pain and enhancing your overall well-being.




HOKA shoes are revolutionizing the running experience with their unique approach to footwear design. They prioritize making running easier and cater to individuals facing foot-related problems like Bunions, Heel Spurs, Metatarsalgia (ball of foot pain), Morton's Neuroma, and Plantar Fasciitis. HOKA's legendary outsoles and footbeds stand out for their exceptional shock absorption and energy return, providing unmatched protection and comfort during long hours of standing. These shoes offer customizable options with removable insoles, allowing you to add your own orthotics for additional plantar fasciitis support. The impressive arch support of HOKA shoes brings relief and comfort to those with plantar fasciitis, while the slip-resistant and shock-absorbing polyurethane outsole ensures a secure and comfortable stride. With HOKA, running becomes a breeze, and foot ailments become manageable, thanks to their commitment to innovative technologies and superior support.




Brooks understands that every individual's journey starts with a single step, and they are committed to making that step as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. With over a century of expertise in footwear, Brooks has developed a range of shoes that not only provide exceptional support and cushioning, but also cater to the specific needs of walkers. Whether you're strolling around the neighborhood or embarking on a brisk walk, Brooks shoes are designed to alleviate foot discomfort and provide relief for common issues like Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, Heel Spurs, and other types of foot pain. Their carefully engineered features, such as cushioned midsoles, responsive outsoles, and arch support, work harmoniously to enhance your walking experience and promote optimal foot alignment. By prioritizing your comfort, Brooks empowers you to walk with confidence, knowing that every step brings you closer to a healthier, pain-free lifestyle.



ecco shoes

ECCO has been a pioneer in crafting exquisite footwear for over 50 years. Renowned for their exceptional quality and attention to detail, ECCO shoes offer not only timeless style but also unrivaled comfort. Designed with the needs of individuals suffering from foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, Heel Spurs, and various types of foot pain in mind, ECCO shoes provide the perfect blend of support and relief. With advanced cushioning and innovative technologies, ECCO ensures that each step you take is a step towards alleviating discomfort and embracing comfort. Discover the superior craftsmanship and comfort of ECCO shoes, where elegance meets well-being.


Shoes to Avoid With Plantar Fasciitis

When shopping for Plantar Fasciitis shoes, avoid common mistakes and prioritize comfort. Steer clear of stilettos, ultra-high heels, flats, or flip-flops without proper support, and old or worn-out shoes. Walking barefoot at home can worsen the condition. You can trust our team of Fit Experts to conduct a free personalized foot scan and analysis to help you to find comfortable shoes that have the proper cushioning, correct sizing, and are most suitable for your feet. FIND A STORE.

What Should I look for when shopping for Plantar Fasciitis Shoe Brands?

Consider slip-on orthotics to transform many shoe types into Plantar Fasciitis-friendly options. Look for trusted brands that specialize in Plantar Fasciitis footwear. When evaluating shoe options, focus on arch support, contoured footbeds, removable footbeds for customization, deep heel cups for stability, effective shock absorption, and a secure fit to prevent overpronation. Invest in shoes that cater to your needs and offer relief from Plantar Fasciitis, and you’ll see an improvement in your overall wellbeing.

Where to buy Trusted Plantar Fasciitis Shoe Brands

Whether you prefer to shop online or in-store, at Lucky Feet Shoes, we have a large selection of shoes to help ease pain from plantar fasciitis symptoms. However, if you prefer a free personalized foot scan and analysis, great customer service, we have nine comfort shoe stores located in Southern California you can visit today! We have a large selection of sandals, comfort shoes, wide shoes, walking shoes, running shoes, arch supports, and offer customizations. FIND A STORE.