Top 20 Comfortable Shoes for Standing All Day

20 Comfortable Shoes For Standing All Day 2024

When it comes to buying shoes, we tend to buy based on style over comfort and whatever is affordable within our budget. We never stop to think about how to choose the right shoes for our feet so that our feet won’t hurt. We also never stop and think about investing in our feet. It is only until our feet start to hurt that we start to ask questions. Choosing the right footwear is especially important for people with jobs that require them to stand up for long hours throughout the day. So before you go shopping for your next pair of cute or stylish shoes, allow me to explain to you what to look for when you’re looking for those comfortable shoes for standing all day in.

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How should I choose the best comfortable shoes for standing all day?

The misunderstanding about shoes is that once the shoes feel good from the moment you try them on, you’ve thought you’ve found the most comfortable shoes for standing all day in. However, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration and ask yourself before you can find the best shoes for standing all day.

  • Do you know how long the breaking period for shoes is and how to break them in?
  • Did you even know that there is a break-in period?
  • Do you know how to inspect shoes properly to analyze how supportive the shoes are for your feet? Can the shoe accommodate an orthotic?
  • What shoes can help with your pronation, or supination?
  • Do you know how to select the proper width and shoe size for your foot?
  • Do you know how to get the best fit for your arch setting?

These are some of the things that you should consider and evaluate when shopping for your next pair of comfortable shoes for standing all day in. Let’s take a look at how we can evaluate your shoes. Before we proceed, please grab and put in front of you a pair of your most uncomfortable shoes that you own, as well as a pair of the most comfortable shoes that you own.

How Often Should You Replace Your Shoes If You Are Standing All Day?

When you stand for long periods of time, your feet put a lot of stress on your shoes; therefore, you should replace them more frequently than usual. The tread on your shoes is frequently the best sign of whether or not you need to replace them. When the tread begins to wear down, and you lose the traction and grip, it is time to obtain a new pair. You should check out the form and build of the shoe, the toe area, its seams, and just the general structure of the shoe. Make sure they fit your feet! If they’re not in their best condition, this is a good indicator of when to replace your shoes.

One other sign is that the soles of your feet start to hurt. The quality of your shoes is another factor that will impact how long they last. In most cases, cheaper shoes tend to wear out more quickly and provide less protection for the wearer's feet. For this reason, we recommend that those who are on their feet for the majority of the day splurge on high-quality sturdy shoes.

How To Prepare to Stand All Day?

In order to prepare for a long day of standing, begin by choosing the correct footwear for your activity and foot type! As you grow used to the extra time on your feet, your feet will follow, even you can expect to feel sore for a time after a long day on your feet, but in time, your body will adapt. Using a step and shifting your weight can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to preparing yourself to stand all day.

What Can You Do to Relieve Foot Pain From Standing All Day?

Rest is the greatest treatment for foot discomfort if you've been standing all day. Tired soles benefit greatly from stretching as well. The calf and hamstring muscles need to be stretched regularly, and a 10- to 20-minute yoga session can help with this. If the discomfort isn't unbearable, consider utilizing a foot massager instead of medication. A powerful hypoallergenic moisturizer or cream can be helpful if you develop skin concerns like calluses or sore/hot patches.

Why are my current shoes so uncomfortable and what should I look for in new shoes?

Let’s start with your most uncomfortable shoes first. We’re first going to evaluate how much built-in support the shoe has.

  1. Pick up the shoe and try to bend it in half. If the shoe is easy to bend towards the center of the shoe, then you are not getting any lateral arch support. If the shoe is hard to bend, then there is lateral support.
  2. Now take the shoe and try to twist it. If the shoe can easily be twisted, then you don’t have any support to keep your foot stable.
  3. Next, check to see if you can remove the inner sole. If you can, once it’s out, check to see how flat and flimsy it is. More than likely, the inner sole is flat and very flimsy. This is a generic footbed with no arch support. If the foot bedding cannot be removed, then it will be difficult to accommodate an orthotic.

Are your shoes uncomfortable because they are bending too much? Are the shoes uncomfortable because you notice that your ankles tend to roll inward (pronation) or roll outwards (supination)? Do your shoes hurt because they are too tight in width or too tight in length? A rule of thumb for your shoes fitting properly based on your foot length is that you usually want to go up a half a size in length. Now put on your most comfortable pair of shoes and do the same evaluation process as you did with your most uncomfortable shoes. What did you notice differences between the two pairs?

Factors to Consider In New Shoes

Now that we’ve determined what can be wrong with your old shoes, here’s what to consider for your new ones. Professionals who stand all day, like ER personnel, doctors, waiters, or nurses, work up to a dozen (or more) hours daily. They need the support that regular shoes can’t offer. The shole will feel tired and strained in those regular shoes. When picking a new pair of shoes for standing all day, here are several design considerations for you. If you aren’t wearing these comfortable shoes for standing, you’re in danger of injuring yourself.

A Wide and Flat Outsole

You need the pressure your body will exert on your feet to spread evenly. That’s how an outsole with full contact with the ground will help. Protruding outsoles will be very uncomfortable and damaging after hours of standing.

A Cushioned Midsole

If the outsole is essential, the midsole is even more. Your shoe must be comfortable for standing all day, and both the forefoot and your heel need proper cushioning to transfer your body weight across the ball of your foot and your heel. Pick materials that are thick but soft enough to provide ample cushioning, and also focus on the design of the midsole.

A Spacious Upper to Splay the Toes

This advice applies to any shoe, but especially for ones used to stand all day. Give enough space for your toes to move and wiggle. After standing for a long time, we rock back and forth and suddenly find ourselves practically standing on our toes to alleviate our heels so a roomy toe box is a must. You prevent bunions as well.

A Good Grip for Smooth Flooring

With most jobs that require standing all day being indoors, it’s vital to get shoes with an outsole that has good traction for artificial floors. Slip-resistant shoes are especially recommended for hospitals and restaurants.

A Higher Heel-to-Toe Offset

Get a high heel drop, or offset, a shoe for standing all day. The “heel drop” is the thickness difference between the heel and forefoot. A heel drop of about 8-12 mm should do it, or a bit less than half an inch, helping to alleviate the Achilles tendon and calves.

How Did We Choose The Best Shoes for Standing All Day?

These sneakers wouldn’t feel too out of place on a list of shoes for a long walk. You need just as much support for your feet while standing as walking or doing other physical activities.

The best, as we said in our list of factors, is one that offers grip, comfort, space, and support. You don’t want a shoe that’s too flexible when standing all day, which is the opposite of picking a shoe for running or high-impact activities, for example.

Our selection includes comfortable standing shoes with the best support evenly distributed throughout the foot —ankle to arches to toes—for all day wear. These sneakers can withstand anything, are sturdy, and can keep you comfortable after more than nine hours of standing. And most importantly, these selections are all comfortable.

Top 10 Women’s Comfortable Shoes for Standing All Day

1. New Balance 990GL5 Women’s Walking Shoe

New Balance 990 - best shoes for standing all day
This New Balance Women’s walking shoe is a control walking shoe developed for all-day comfort. It features motion control and ROLLBAR stability technologies and ABZORB midfoot cushioning for comfort throughout the day. In addition to having a supportive midsole, these New Balance walking shoes come with a padded tongue and a comfort foam collar to help protect your feet and ankle from rubbing. Not to mention, the rubber outsole is great for maximum outsole durability. BONUS: The men's and women's New Balance 990s are also great options for tennis shoes if you're ever in need of a new pair.

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2. Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoe

brooks ghost shoe
The Ghost 13 offers the smoothest ride yet with super soft cushioning extended beyond the heel, all the way to the forefoot. The new design optimizes the segmented crash pad’s transition from heel to toe — so steps feel soft and buttery smooth. This shoe is for anyone looking for a reliable shoe that’s soft and smooth.

Brooks Running and Walking Comfortable Shoes for Standing All Day

3. HOKA Clifton 8

HOKA Clifton 8
The HOKA Clifton 8 continues to deliver the soft, light support you know and love from the Clifton series. New to the Clifton 8 is a lighter, more responsive midsole that delivers even more comfort and cushion. The extended heel crash pad provides added shock absorption and extra cushioning makeing for a smooth feeling step. The updated upper now features a seamless engineered mesh great for those with bunions.

HOKA Clifton Shoes for Standing All Day

4. Aetrex Bethany with Arch Support

Aetrex Bethany
The Aetrex Bethany Black quarter strap features a cupped footbed for a more flattering fit & ultra-soft suede fabric. The Bethany features Aetrex’s built-in arch support as well as supple suede lined footbed. All women can enjoy the exceptional comfort this shoe has to offer. Lightweight, durable, and supremely comfortable, the Bethany provides excellent relief and comfort. The anatomical cork insole is matched with a deep heel cup for increased stability, while the adjustable straps make for a customized, comfortable fit.

Aetrex Women’s Sandals and Shoes for Standing All Day

5. Aetrex Jillian Women’s Low Wedge Sandal

Aetrex Jillian
This Aetrex Jillian is made with beautiful detailed adjustable straps that secure your feet from moving. In addition, a rear strap further secures your feet. Not to mention, each pair of Aetrex Jillian sandals come are made with a built-in Lynco orthotic footbed with memory foam cushioning for support, balance, and alignment. Finally, a met bar pod is added to help reduce the stress at the ball of your foot and Jillian its medial support pod helps minimize overpronation.

Aetrex Women’s Sandals and Shoes for Standing All Day

6. Dansko XP 2.0

Dansko XP 2.0
The Dansko XP 2.0 Pull Up features a lightweight construction with a removable cushioned footbed and benefits like a dual-density PU footbed with Dansko Natural Arch technology. All of this comes together to give you all-day arch support and help keep your feet and body aligned. In addition, the outsole is slip-resistant, so you can stay supported, safe, and comfortable throughout your shift. The leather uppers the XP 2.0 shoe offers allow for easy and sanitary cleanup! The instep collar is also padded, allowing for comfy and soft wear—perfect for everyday wear. A key feature the XP 2.0 also has is a lightweight, anti-fatigue rocker bottom that provides shock absorption and decreases the amount of stress your body takes while you walk around, in return this helps keeps you moving throughout your shift comfortably

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7. Aetrex Carly with Arch Support

Aetrex Carly
This fashionable sneaker with arch support is the lift you need on long days. They are great for walking and long days on foot! With arch support, memory foam cushioning, a padded heel, and stretchy knit, you will be comfortable on your most active days. It also features a soft mesh upper that fits like a sock, soft and comfortable. The removable insole offers great support, but can also be easily replaced with a custom orthotic or over-the-counter arch support of your choice.

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8. Brooks Addiction Walker

The Brooks Addiction Walker Suede for both Men and Women holds up to its name by delivering durability, cushioning with energy-returning MoGo midsoles, full-grain leather upper, and reliable slip-resistant outsole. As result, this Brooks walking shoe is great for work, walking on the road, or the track. This shoe is loaded with support for your low arches and control for your overpronation.

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9. HOKA Bondi SR

One of the first line extensions of the beloved Bondi family, the Bondi SR takes the most cushioned shoe in the HOKA lineup and reworks the silhouette to handle the demands of daily life. Engineered with an EVA midsole for plush, all-day cushioning great for those with plantar fasciitis or bunions, this workplace warrior has been updated with water-resistant leather and a slip-resistant outsole. Boasting a proprietary outsole compound tested against industry standards, the Bondi SR features an ultra-grippy, full-ground contact rubber that stands up to the service industry and medical field alike.

HOKA Bondi SR Slip Resistant Running Shoe

10. Aetrex Mina

Aetrex Mina
The Mina by Aetrex features the Aetrex Healthy 3, a Lynco Orthotic footbed for proper support and alignment, a memory foam insole for soft cushioned wear, and an antimicrobial footbed for a healthy foot environment. The Mina is a mary jane design with an adjustable hook and loop closure for a secure and customized fit. In addition, the uppers are made from a lightweight stretch knit upper for soft flexible wear. Also, as an added bonus they don a slip-resistant sole!

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Top 10 Men’s Comfortable Shoes for Standing All Day

1. New Balance Men’s 990 V5 Walking Shoe

This New Balance men’s walking shoe is a control walking shoe developed for all-day comfort. It features motion control and ROLLBAR stability technologies and ABZORB midfoot cushioning for comfort throughout the day. In addition, this New Balance walking shoe comes with a padded tongue and a comfort foam collar to help protect your feet and ankle from rubbing. Not to mention, the rubber outsole is great for maximum outsole durability.

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New Balance Men’s 990 V5 Walking Shoe

2. Brooks Men’s Ghost 13 Running Shoe

Brooks Ghost 13
The Ghost 13 offers the smoothest ride yet with super soft cushioning extended beyond the heel, all the way to the forefoot. The new design optimizes the segmented crash pad’s transition from heel to toe — so steps feel soft and buttery smooth. This comfortable shoe is for anyone looking for a reliable shoe that’s soft and smooth.

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3. HOKA Men’s Bondi 7

HOKA Bondi 7 in Black White
If you’re looking for a shoe that offers lots of cushion as well as ankle and heel support then you’ve found it in the all-new HOKA Bondi 7. With neutral stability and a plush cushion, this shoe is perfect for keeping your feet happy throughout the day. The Bondi 7 is extremely light on the feet, which eliminates added aches and pains sometimes associated with heavy shoes. Added is a supremely plush collar. Made from ultra-soft memory foam designed to accommodate a narrower heel, the collar conforms to a wide variety of ankles, cradling the Achilles in cushy comfort.

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4. Sovella Floater

Sovella Floater
Exclusive to Lucky Feet, Sovella is on the rise to be a household name. Sovella uses the finest and softest leathers imported from around the world. This shoe has an amazing comfort system with a removable insole. In addition to superior comfort, these shoes are stylish and made of very high quality.

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5. New Balance 626

New Balance 626
This tough work shoe features a supportive leather upper to provide a secure fit, For men who spend all day on their feet. The New Balance 626 Slip Resistant Black is a sporty men’s leather walking shoe that is slip-resistant for working professionals. They are supported by an internal shank for stability and a slip-resistant lug outsole for superior traction on hazardous surfaces. The 626 is a great go-to shoe if you need a comfortable, stable shoe.

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6. ECCO Soft 7

The Men’s Soft 7 features a full anatomical last shape that provides a supremely comfortable fit. The soft, comfortable lining construction ensures a perfect inner climate. Additionally, the removable leather-covered insole that features ECCO Comfort Fibre System™ helps to keep sweaty feet dry and can accommodate most custom orthotics when removed. Lastly, the outsole has a directly-injected two-component PU/TPU that is light and flexible, and highly comfortable on the foot.

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7. New Balance 860v11

New Balance Men's 860v11 LightAluminum/Black M860A11
Built for someone looking for stability, the New Balance 860v11 seamless blends engineered cushioning and classic New Balance support. The New Balance Fresh Foam technology provides sustained midsole cushioning with a lightweight feel. Pair this with the stability you can rely on and an engineered upper for a fit that feels like it was made just for you.

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8. Brooks Addiction Walker Suede

Brooks Addiction Walker
The Brooks Addiction Walker holds up to its name by delivering durability, cushioning with energy-returning MoGo midsoles, full-grain leather upper, and reliable slip-resistant outsole. As result, this Brooks walking shoe is great for work, walking on the road or on the track. In addition, this shoe is loaded with support for your low arches and controls your overpronation.

Brooks Walking Comfortable Shoes for Standing All Day

9. OluKai Nohea Moku Black

OluKai Nohea Moku
The OluKai Men’s Nohea Moku is equipped for wet conditions. This style is inspired by and designed with the nautical life in mind. This versatile shoe can be worn as a shoe or a slide because of the Drop­-In Heel® functionality. The Nohea Moku has stretch bootie construction which allows for comfortable barefoot wear. Also included is a removable and washable dual-density PU anatomical footbed. In addition, this style comes equipped with an all-weather, non-marking rubber outsole with razor siping. This outsole gives good traction on wet surfaces. Additionally, this style is vegan-friendly and offers the durability, traction, and support you expect from OluKai.

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10. Brooks Beast 20

Brooks Beast 20
The Brooks Beast ’20 offers a superior soft cushioning that is in the DNA midsole provides more adaptability and cushioning than Brooks’ standard DNA midsole. In addition to cushion, the Beast also has The Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB) which helps to guide your body back to its natural motion. The Beast will help to keep your feet aligned all day long.

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Why should I get a free foot analysis when shopping for comfortable shoes for standing all day?

There are many factors that come into play when selecting the best comfortable shoes for standing all day, which is why it’s best to get fitted for shoes by a fit specialist. In addition, every footwear brand—even big-name brands like Nike, Skechers, Adidas, Crocs, Asics Gel, HOKA One One, and the like— runs differently in fit. When you get properly fitted for shoes such as what Lucky Feet Shoes offers with our free foot analysis, your foot is measured not only based on the length (heel to your toes) but also based on your arch (heel to the ball) sometimes even considering the toe box. That’s just the first step into selecting the most comfortable shoes for standing all day in. The second step is to have a fit specialist who understands how each shoe brand runs in size and width, helps you get the best comfortable shoe for your foot based on what kind of daily activities you do, and evaluates your current foot conditions. All of this important information since the features needed on a pair of comfortable standing shoes will differ for someone who also has a relatively active lifestyle versus someone who's just looking for a good pair for working at home at their standing desk.

Use arch supports to further enhance your comfort

Just when you thought I was finished, there is one more important aspect to consider when wanting to ensure you have and maintain comfortable shoes for standing all day in. Remember when I asked you if the inner sole can be removed or not? If the inner sole can be removed, I highly recommend getting the right arch support orthotic for your foot type. Arch supports help put less stress and fatigue on your feet as well as give you better posture and help to correct the biomechanics of your body alignment that might help with minor back pain. Bodyweight may also affect our foot comfort, flat feet are caused by a variety of conditions including injuries, obesity, and arthritis. The arch support will go inside of your shoe to replace the generic flat insole that the shoe came with. There are various grades of arch supports, so it is best to get fitted for one by a fit specialist.

Shop Arch supports for Comfort and Support

Lucky Feet Shoes offers a free foot analysis to help you get the right arch support for your foot type. There are also dress orthotics available as well to enhance the overall fit and comfort of your dress shoes. If you want a more custom fit, Lucky Feet Shoes also offers custom orthotics that are unique to your feet. These last for about 5 years while the over-the-counter orthotics last anywhere between 8 months to 1 year. When you first start using your orthotics, there is a two-week break in period. This break in period allows for your feet to get properly adjusted to the new change. This break-in period method is also the same for shoes. When you first start to wear your shoes and orthotics, wear them for a few hours the first day, and gradually add an hour or more each day. Find out what kind of shoes are best for you according to experts by asking your podiatrist.

Where to buy comfortable shoes for standing all-day

Come into any one of our stores located in Costa Mesa, Anaheim Hills, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, San Dimas, Long Beach, Temecula, Redlands, Anaheim, Upland, and Palm Desert, today and shop our comfortable shoes for standing all day! At Lucky Feet Shoes, we carry many comfortable shoes: sandals, heels, work shoes, walking shoes, running shoes, casual sneakers, clogs, wedges, flats, booties, and boots. Are you suffering from foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bunions, wide feet, pronation, hammer toes, etc? We have shoes for those too! Come and visit us today! If you are looking for Comfortable Men’s and Women’s walking Shoes in Orange County, the Inland Empire, Los Angeles County, Temecula, or Riverside; we have eight comfort shoe stores to serve you!
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