Top Parks in Long Beach, CA

Top Parks in Long Beach, CA

6 Top Parks in Long Beach, CA

Long Beach, CA is a fascinating city with many city parks and recreational centers. Located in the Greater Los Angeles area of Southern California, this beautiful city offers many recreational destinations for families or individuals seeking a beautiful park to spend a few hours. Keep reading to learn about some of the best top parks in Long Beach, CA.

  1. El Dorado Nature Center

El Dorado East Regional Park is a gorgeous park with infinite amenities and beautiful sceneries. This 105-acre park features a visitor center, floral sceneries, lakes, a beautiful water stream, and shaded walking trails. Not to mention, the center is an oasis of natural habitat, offering visitors the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the urban environment. The park includes an archery range, barbecue grills, trails, camping ground for youth groups, two finishing lakes, model aircraft flying area, model sailboat area, physical fitness course, picnic areas, and playground. El Dorado Nature Center is an excellent escape destination to find some peace away from the busy city.

  1. Marina Vista Park

Marina Vista Park is very beautiful, well-kept park and is very scenic. The park includes a softball field, two soccer fields, tennis court, playground, picnic, swimming, and a bike trail. The bicycle path crosses the park and connects to the bicycle path down the boat House Lane to the rowing center and Jack Dunster Marine Preserve. In addition, Maria Vista Park is now the new home of The Annual Haute Dog Halloween Dog Parade! If you’re a dog lover and haven’t been, it’s a must.

  1. Shoreline Aquatic Park6 Top Parks in Long BeacH

Shoreline Aquatic Park is not your traditional park. This park is between Long Beach Arena and Downtown Shoreline Marina with a wide open green area that is used for picnics and special events. The park has great views of the Queen Mary Ship and Hotel and the Long Beach skyline. Right at the center of the park, there is a grassy hill with a tall lighthouse tower which makes for a nice destination for pictures. Shoreline Aquatic Park is a nice park for a quiet stroll along the marina.

  1. Scherer Park

This park offers 26 acres of relaxation. It’s a large park that spans between two main streets, featuring a duck pond and bridges. This park offers a number of amenities from basketball courts, a community center, picnic area, playground, tennis courts, volleyball courts, a weight room, a youth recreation, and an adult fitness. In addition, this park also includes a dog park for you to enjoy with your furry friend.

  1. Los Cerritos Park

A lovely park which some could say its hidden gem in Long Beach. It is a well-kept neighborhood park full of trees and beautiful scenery. For one thing, you don’t have to reserve weeks in advance to host a small party in this park. This park includes a basketball court, baseball field, soccer field, community center and picnic area.

  1. Colorado Lagoon

Colorado Lagoon is a true hidden gem of Long Beach with a little secret lagoon in the city. This park was recently restored which has drawn additional visitors to its sceneries. Its lagoon is pretty clean with tons of small silver fishes and moon jellyfish. Aside from the small aquatic animals, the lagoon offers a nice swim. It’s clean enough to take your children for a swim, plus there’s a lifeguard on duty. This park has a shaded playground, picnic tables, plenty of sand area, and a beautiful lagoon view.

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