Gravity Defyer

Shoes so advanced they shouldn’t even exist yet!

History is filled with earth-shattering scientific advancements that have revolutionized the way we live. Gravity Defyer and G-Defy shoes are a leap forward for footwear. Scientifically engineered by an all-star team of renowned mechanical engineers, podiatrists, industrial designers and applied materials engineers, the Impact Research Technology Group works tirelessly to refine and redefine every aspect of footwear. Our Perfect-Fit sizing system allows you to adjust the shoes width. Our wide toe boxes reduce friction and pressure on bunions and cramped toes. Our cooling system helps to keep you feeling fresh all day. –But the jewel of our shoes is the VersoShock Reverse Trampoline sole. It combines the elastic energy of a trampoline with our Smart Memory Master Spring and Twin stabilizers to absorb shock and propel you forward. Its a feeling like no other!
VersoShock â„¢ high impact absorption system:
On a light 30-minute jog, your feet will hit the ground at 10 Gs a whopping 3,000 times. The scientists at Impact Research Technology Group have worked tirelessly to engineer their VersoShockTM Reverse Trampoline sole to withstand the beating your feet take every day. The combination of specially formulated, heat-resistant polymers and high-endurance, lightweight-alloy absorption coils will reduce the impact walking and even running on hard surfaces can have on your entire body by up to 30%” . So now, instead of 3,000 bone-crunching blows to your heals that reverberate throughout your entire body like a violent shock wave, your feet are landed gently and then instantly propelled forward with a burst of energy every step of the way.
AVS3 Cool-Down Ventilation System:
Our unique ventilation system cools the foot by harnessing the pumping action of the heel chamber to expel hot air from the shoe’s interior through a one-way valve. This both cools the foot and reduces the occurrence of microbial growth and odor.
Buying new shoes should never be a high-risk venture. That’s why we let you try a pair of Gravity Defyer shoes in the privacy of your own home – FREE for 30 days*. You’ll never have to risk heartache, humiliation and money on the wrong shoes ever again. That’s our 100% satisfaction guarantee*.