Dansko Boots Now Available at Lucky Feet Shoes!

Dansko Cynthia boot

Dansko Boots Available at Lucky Feet Shoes

Now available at Lucky Feet Shoes, Dansko’s “Cynthia” is a casual, mid-calf boot with a 1½” heel. It’s loaded with style and engineered for comfort. Ideal for keeping warm as temperatures plummet during fall and winter months, Cynthia’s style grabs attention. But it’s the built-in technology and comfort features that ultimately make this everyday boot a keeper.

Made for Warmth and Comfort

Cynthia’s upper is made from luxurious, soft suede and milled nubuck leathers. An extra leather overlay–along with a faux fur lining–adds warmth. And the adjustable buckle opening provides a customizable fit around the calf.

Waterproof Construction

But what isn’t visible from the outside is the waterproof construction. Aside from the waterproof leathers, a breathable waterproof membrane–and seam sealing–work to keep feet dry. Built for outdoor wear and weather conditions, Cynthia’s waterproof materials help to keep feet dry and comfortable, come rain or shine.

Improved Slip Resistance, Shock Absorption and Support

High-performance Vibram® technology gives this outdoor boot its durability. Textured waves on the bottom of the outsole work to improve slip resistance. Firmness in the middle of the outsole provides added support for the midfoot, while Cynthia’s cushioned, polyurethane construction improves shock absorption to help protect the feet and body.

Stability and Support

A built-in shank gives Cynthia stability, while a firm heel counter provides support at the back of the foot. This feature is crucial for those who underpronate or overpronate. That’s because pronation is often the root cause of many foot-related health problems. A fairly common malady, plantar fasciitis is just one of many foot problems that can stem from overpronation.
Cynthia’s firm heel counter helps to control the motion of the foot and is crucial to improving or preventing foot conditions related to pronation.
Dansko Cynthia

Cushioned Arch Supports

A triple-density EVA, removable, ergonomic footbed provides added comfort to this boot, with ½” of cushioning underfoot. Cushioning makes this boot excellent for those suffering with heel pain or heel spurs. Coupled with the low heel-height, these cushioned arch supports also help those with ball-of-foot conditions like Morton’s neuroma or metatalsargia.

Suitable for Custom Orthotics

Cynthia is suitable for custom orthotics. Just take out the full-length, removable footbed and replace it with a custom orthotic.

Seam-free Lining and Odor Control

Adding even more comfort to Dankso’s Cynthia boot is the seam-free lining. It helps to prevent the skin irritation that often accompanies seamed linings.
Dansko’s Cynthia also boasts DuPont™ Sorona® fiber moisture management and Cleansport NXT™ odor control that provides a more comfortable wearing experience.
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