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Arch Support Matters: Finding the Ideal Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

Arch Support Matters: Finding the Ideal Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

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Arch Support Matters: Finding the Ideal Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

Are you struggling to know what makes up the perfect walking shoes for your flat feet? Look no further, the experts at Lucky Feet Shoes are here to guide you through the process of finding the ideal pair for walking, or for any outdoor activity that might be a bit tough with flat feet.

You'll learn about the importance of arch supports, how to assess your flat feet and gait, and even get recommendations for shoe brands known for excellent arch support.

Get ready to step comfortably and confidently with the right pair of walking shoes!

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What Are Flat Feet?

Flat feet, also known as fallen arches or pes planus, are a medical condition characterized by absent or low arches in the feet. In individuals with flat feet, the entire sole of the foot touches the ground when standing, instead of the arches being raised. This condition can be present at birth (congenital) or develop over time due to various factors such as injury, aging, and obesity.

Flat feet can lead to a range of symptoms and complications. Some individuals may experience foot pain, particularly in the arch or heel area, which can extend to the ankles, knees, hips, or lower back. Others may have difficulty with balance and stability, as well as issues with foot alignment, causing an uneven distribution of weight and leading to overpronation or supination. While flat feet can be asymptomatic and not require treatment, for those experiencing discomfort or functional limitations, there are options available to manage the condition and alleviate symptoms.

Benefits of Arch Support for Flat Feet


When the arches collapse in flat feet, and they cause the entire sole of the foot to come into contact with the ground, it can cause discomfort and pain from the feet to the entire lower part of the leg or even beyond. An effective way to alleviate the symptoms and provide relief is by wearing footwear with good arch support.

Wearing footwear with good arch support can help alleviate these symptoms by improving foot alignment, absorbing shock, providing extra cushioning, reducing foot fatigue, alleviating pain, and preventing additional foot problems. Arch-supportive shoes align the feet correctly, reducing strain on the ligaments, tendons, and muscles, preventing overpronation.

Arch supports also alleviate pain by distributing weight evenly and preventing the development of other foot conditions associated with flat feet. Most brands that have lines of athletic or sport footwear will have at least one model of shoe with good arch support for walking, with some brands specializing in extra features like breathable mesh, recycled materials, and stabilizing heel cups.

Wearing good arch-supportive shoes is highly beneficial for individuals with flat feet, so investing in appropriate footwear should be a top priority if you suffer from flat feet. They can significantly improve your comfort, mobility, and overall foot health.

Assessing Your Flat Feet and Gait

Assess your flat feet and gait to better understand your specific needs when choosing walking shoes with arch support. Start by examining the shape of your feet. If you have flat feet, your arches will appear low or even nonexistent.

If that doesn't quite make things clear, you can next consider your gait, which refers to how you walk. Do you have a tendency to overpronate, where your feet roll inward excessively? Or perhaps you supinate, where your feet roll outward? Understanding your gait pattern is crucial in selecting the right footwear that provides adequate support and stability.

To assess your gait, one neat trick is to observe your footprints on a surface with water or sand. If the entirety or almost all of your foot is imprinted on the surface, then it's likely you have flat feet.

Once you have a clear understanding of your flat feet and gait, you can confidently search for walking shoes that meet your specific needs.

Figuring Out Your Foot Type and Arch Height

If you have severe flat feet or foot pain, it's advisable to consult a podiatrist or orthopedic specialist first. They can provide personalized recommendations and may prescribe custom orthotics.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Walking Shoes With Good Arch Support

It's easy for us to just say you need a good shoe with arch support for walking and leave it at that. But we're here to truly help you, so let's dive deeper into what exactly are the factors that you should consider when buying a new pair of shoes for walking if you have flat feet. Footwear designed for flat feet often has built-in arch support to help distribute the body's weight more evenly, yes, but that's just one of many factors.


Here are the others:

Motion Control

This might sound like some high-tech feature making your footwear "smart", but motion control refers to a simple feature meant to counter overpronation. These motion-control shoes are designed to provide stability and prevent excessive inward rolling of the feet, so that might mean they're sturdier on the sides and have more support for your foot's shape and ankle.

Shock Absorption and Extra Cushioning

Choose a pair of shoes with ample cushioning in the midsole and heel. Cushioned shoes can help absorb shock and reduce the impact on your feet and joints.


Seek shoes that offer stability. Features like a wide base and a firm heel counter can help keep the foot properly aligned. While there is also a type of shoe referred to as a stability shoe (and they can be helpful), make sure they offer the arch support and soft cushioning your flat feet will need.

Flexible Sole

Ensure the sole of the walking shoe is flexible at the ball of the foot. This allows for a more natural and comfortable walking motion.

Proper Sizing

Get shoes that fit well and provide ample space for your toes and your foot shape, especially if you have wide feet. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to discomfort and potential foot issues. Keep in mind that too much space can also be a problem, so always focus on the proper size, not just ample space.

Medial Post

Although cushioned shoes are essential for treating flat feet, they pose a risk of being too unstable. That's where a medial post comes in. It's a structural feature found in certain shoes, particularly those designed for individuals with overpronation or flat feet. It is a firm, raised section located on the inner side of the midsole, extending from the heel to the arch area.

The purpose of a medial post is to provide additional support and stability to the foot by reducing excessive inward-rolling motion during walking or running. It helps realign the foot's natural position and prevents overpronation, which can lead to various foot and lower limb issues. Overall, a medial post acts as a supportive mechanism within the footwear, promoting proper foot alignment and enhancing comfort for individuals with specific pronation needs. Highly cushioned shoes can benefit from a medial post because they can stabilize a shoe with a lot of stack height.


This is a tip for any footwear, but especially for walking shoes. Choose a pair made from breathable materials to help keep your feet dry and reduce the risk of blisters or fungal infections. A breathable mesh is particularly important in footwear meant to be used for extended periods of time.

Arch and Deep Heel Cup

Look for shoes with a contoured arch and a well-defined heel cup. These features can provide additional support and stability.

Removable Insoles

Some shoes have removable insoles, allowing you to use custom orthotics or insoles prescribed by a podiatrist for better support and soft cushioning.

Walking Style

Consider your walking style and terrain. If you walk on different surfaces, you may want to choose shoes suitable for both pavement and uneven terrain.

Other Types of Shoes for Good Arch Support While Walking

Many major brands offer walking shoes with good arch support and other features people with flat feet will need. But there are other options for those looking for outdoor athletic shoes, or for those who don't love the look of typical walking shoes.

These other shoe options can help those with flat feet, and can offer exceptional arch support while being lightweight walking, running, hiking, or athletic shoes.

Stability Shoes

Stability shoes are designed to provide optimal support and stability for individuals with flat feet while walking. Flat feet, also known as fallen arches, can cause instability and discomfort during walking, making it essential to find the right footwear.

Stability footwear offers a combination of an extra layer of cushioning, arch support, and motion control to help address the specific needs of flat-footed individuals. These shoes typically have a firm midsole and a supportive heel counter to prevent excessive rolling inward of the foot. They also feature a structured upper that holds the foot securely in place.

Hiking Shoes

When considering footwear options for individuals with flat feet, hiking shoes provide excellent arch support and stability while walking.

Hiking shoes are designed to offer maximum comfort and protection for outdoor activities. They typically feature responsive cushioning in the midsole, providing excellent shock absorption and stress reduction on the feet for extended periods of time.

The soles of hiking shoes are also designed to provide traction on various terrains, ensuring a secure footing experience. The sturdy construction of hiking shoes promotes stability, which is essential for people with flat feet.

Moreover, the arch support in hiking shoes helps to distribute weight evenly and prevent overpronation. And on top of everything else, they are also lightweight shoes that won't add to your strain of going up and down terrain.

Whether you're embarking on a short hike or a long trek, investing in a pair of hiking shoes with good arch support is a wise choice for individuals with flat feet.

Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes can also provide the necessary cushioning and stability while walking for those with flat feet, allowing them to walk or engage in athletic activities with ease and comfort.

One of the key features to look for in athletic shoes for flat feet is arch support. These shoes are designed with built-in arch support systems that help distribute weight evenly across the foot and provide optimum support to the arch. This helps reduce strain on the foot and alleviate any pain or discomfort associated with flat feet. They're also more lightweight shoes compared to other outdoor types, so they can be a good option for those looking for a breathable shoe as well.

Athletic shoes often have a supportive outsole and extra padding that provides stability and shock absorption. This feature is particularly important when walking or engaging in high-impact activities, as it helps to reduce the stress on the feet and joints.

Running Shoes

When it comes to running, flat-footed individuals need extra support to prevent overpronation and reduce the risk of injuries. The design of running shoes includes good arch support as they are meant to provide the necessary stability and cushioning to accommodate the unique needs of having to run constantly while also protecting the feet from impact. This type of footwear has features, such as a supportive midsole and a firm heel counter, that help maintain proper foot alignment and prevent excessive rolling inward. Thus, they can be another good option for people with flat feet looking for a nice pair of shoes to walk in.

This type of shoe is also a lightweight shoe typically constructed using advanced mesh materials that offer a combination of flexibility and durability, allowing for a natural range of motion while running or walking. They are designed to be breathable, preventing excessive sweating and keeping the feet cool and dry.

They offer ample cushioning to absorb shock and reduce the impact on the feet, adding maximum comfort to the running experience. Choosing the right running shoes with proper arch support is crucial for flat-footed individuals to enjoy their runs or walks while minimizing discomfort and potential injuries.

Popular Brands of Walking Shoes With Good Arch Support for People With Flat Feet

When researching shoe brands known for arch support, consider looking for ones that prioritize comfort and stability for flat-footed individuals. It's important to find a brand that understands the unique needs of flat feet and offers specialized features to address them.

Look for brands that have a reputation for providing excellent arch support, such as Brooks, Hoka, New Balance, or Altra. These brands often design their footwear with built-in arch support systems or removable insoles that can be replaced with custom orthotics. They may also offer different levels of support along with mild, moderate, or maximum cushioning, allowing you to choose the level that suits your needs. Many of these brands also work with recycled materials, keeping your footwear environmentally friendly on top of supportive.

Reading reviews from other flat-footed individuals can also be helpful in determining which brands are known for providing the best arch support.

These and many more brands are available at Lucky Feet Shoes, where our experienced team members are on standby to offer the best fitting and appropriate footwear for any orthopedic need, lifestyle, or activity.

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