Shop IT Band Syndrome-1What is IT Band Syndrome?

IT Band Syndrome is one of the leading causes of lateral (outside) knee pain in runners. The ilio tibial (IT) band runs from the hip to the outside of the end of the lower leg just below the knee. Its function is to resist internal rotation of the lower leg as well as maintain the integrity of the leg at the knee joint. IT band “friction syndrome” is a condition where the IT band is stretched and torqued and the end rubs across the bone of the upper leg.


IT Band Syndrome common symptoms/complaints

Patients complain of pain on the lateral side of the knee often extending up the lateral side of the thigh as high as the hip. ITBS symptoms range from a stinging sensation just above the knee to swelling of the tissue along the entire length of the IT band. Although, the pain may not occur immediately during activity, it may intensify over time; especially as the foot strikes the floor.


How is IT Band Syndrome caused?

During a normal gait cycle, the upper and lower legs rotate in unison. When the foot overpronates, the lower leg locks into the foot. Then, the legs begin to counter rotate. As a result, the upper and lower legs cause a shearing force to occur and the IT band is torqued and stretched. Consequently, the end of the band rubs across and is irritated by the lower portion of the upper leg.

In addition, ITBS can also be a result from training habits, anatomical abnormalities, or muscular imbalances:


Training habits:

  • Always Running on a banked surface (such as the shoulder of a road or an indoor track) bends the downhill leg slightly inward and causes extreme stretching of the band against the femur.
  • Inadequate warm-up or cool-down.
  • Excessive up-hill and down-hill running.
  • In cycling, having the feet “toed-in” to an excessive angle.
  • Running up and down stairs.
  • Hiking long distances.
  • Rowing.


Abnormalities in leg/feet anatomy:

  • High or low arches.
  • Supination of the foot.
  • Excessive lower leg rotation due to over-pronation.
  • The force at the knee when the foot strikes.
  • Uneven leg length.
  • Bowlegs or tightness about the IT band.


Muscle imbalance:

  • Weak hip abductor muscles
  • Weak/non-firing multifidus muscle


 How is IT Band Syndrome treated?

The IT band can be rested, iced, compressed and elevated (RICE) to reduce pain and inflammation, then followed by stretching. In addition, using a foam roller to loosen the iliotibial band can help prevent and treat ITBS, although the treatment itself can be very painful to some.

However, if the problem is the abnormal pronation or other anatomical foot structure issues, the patient should be fitted with custom functional orthotics to correct the prolonged pronation thereby reducing the counter rotation between legs, alleviating stress off of the IT band.

Moreover, other treatments available for this injury use a compression wrap to mobilize the ITB where the tendon meets the knee. This is called an ‘IT band compression wrap.’

In severe cases where a conservative approach has failed, surgery can be a good option.


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