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Best 11 Fall Ankle Boots & Booties for Women 2017 | Comfort in Style

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Fall boot season is finally here! What better way to welcome Fall than with a cute pair of ankle boots or booties for women! But before you start searching for ankle boots or booties for women this fall; let’s make sure you are searching for comfortable and supportive boots. For one thing, unsupportive boots can be the source of severe foot and back pain. With this in mind, if you searched for fall ankle boots and booties for women that are both comfortable and supportive, you are on the right page! At Lucky Feet Shoes, you can find best ankle boots & boots that keep you supportive and comfortable without sacrificing your fall look!

Top 11 Comfortable Fall Ankle Boots & Booties for Women

We know that most unsupportive boots tend to worsen your foot pain, heel pain, or back pain, so let us help you find the best comfortable ankle boots & booties for women. For this reason, we have compiled a list of Fall Ankle Boots & Booties for Women 2017 based on customer reviews, shoe features, and brand reputation.

1. Dansko Marcia Ankle Bootie

Dansko Marcia TeakThis Dansko Marcia bootie offers optimal comfort with an excellent fit. This boot is super adorable and gives you the all-day comfort you need! Marcia is made with a rubber outsole to protect your absorb shock and protect your joints. In addition, the boot is feature removable insoles which allow for custom orthotics. In addition, this bootie’s modest heel height is very comfortable to wear. Plus, it offers an easy on and off all thanks to its side zipper.

Shop Dansko Marcia | Shop Women’s Fall Boots



2. Mephisto Women’s Batista Heeled Bootie


mephisto batista navy velcalfThis Mephisto Batista Velcalf ankle bootie offers optimal comfort with an excellent fit in a cute, stylish design. This bootie’s insole is integrated with Mephisto’s Soft-Air Technology as it helps to absorb impact and ensures a healthy environment inside the shoe. In addition, Batista’s insole is removable so it’s great for plantar fasciitis and those who require additional arch support from custom orthotics or over the counter insoles. Finally, its modest heel height is very comfortable to wear thanks to its cushioning at the forefoot of the shoe, plus, it’s this bootie can we worn with most outfits. Overall, Mephisto Batista’s superior quality and excellent arch support earn its spot in the Fall Ankle Boots & Booties for Women 2017.

Shop Mephisto Batista | Shop Women’s Fall Boots


3. Ziera Canny 2 Heeled Bootie

booties for women Comfort meets fashion with this Ziera Canny. This Ziera Canny is great for bunions, fallen arches, and plantar fasciitis. If you are looking for wide width boots, this may be your boot! Ziera Canny boot for plantar fasciitis come in medium width and wide width. Most importantly, its footbed is designed to incorporate Poron rubber, Technogel and EVA for ultimate support and comfort. Plus, the bootie’s cushioning in the ball of the foot keeps your feet comfortable. Not to mention, this mid-heel ankle boot has a side button with a loop and ruching on top of the foot makes this boot stand out. You can walk in style and confidence in this gorgeous wedge heel design and feel all-day comfort in these cute boots!

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4. Spring Step Emese Bootie

spring step emese red

The Spring Step Emese bootie redefines sexy sophistication and comfort. The boot’s side zipper allows for easy on and off. In addition, the lightly padded insole and the rubber outsole give with the shock absorption you need to stay comfortable all day. Overall, this Spring Step Emese provides unmatched support and improves how your body functions from the ground up.

Shop Spring Step Emese Bootie | Shop Women’s Fall Boots



 5. Dansko Lettie Bootie

booties for women

The Dansko Lettie secretly gives you a big lift! This sophisticated ankle boot uses its hidden wedge heel to let you walk and stand taller. Most importantly, the bootie includes insoles with arch support and memory foam for cushioning. However, if you require additional support, its insoles are removable which allows you to use your own custom insoles or orthotics. Finally, its durable outsole delivers stability and shock absorption.

Shop Dankso Lettie | Shop Women’s Fall Boots


6. Vionic Faros Ankle Bootie

vionic faros light tan

Not only is this Vionic bootie cute, but it is also packed with the full features many have grown to love in Vionic shoes. This cute, comfortable bootie offers advanced comfort features like a deep heel cup and enhanced forefoot contour, bringing innovation and style into one transformative solution. Not to mention, Faros’ removable microfiber-covered EVA orthotic insert is firm yet flexible, which accommodate most orthotics.

Shop Vionic Faros | Shop Women’s Fall Boots


7. Dansko Delphina Open-Toe Bootie

dansko women's delphina bronze metallic

The Dansko Women’s Delphina is a cute open-toe bootie that offers an alternative to enclosed booties. The rocker platform helps to propel your foot forward naturally with every step, while the chunky block heel adds stylish lift. Most importantly, the open-toe bootie features a molded EVA footbed for optimal arch support and cushioning. Finally, its durable outsole delivers stability and shock absorption.

Shop Dansko Delphina | Shop Women’s Fall Boots


 8. Aetrex Skyler Lace-up Boot

aetrex skyler black This is a military boot that elevates the classic lace-up boot style with quality leathers and a sleek design. This is a super comfortable boot for its Aetrex “Healthy 3“: Lynco arch support, Memory Foam, and Aegis Antimicrobial Technology. The boot’sLynco Arch Support aligns at the optimal position to properly balance your foot. Its Memory Foam features a thick layer of slow recovery memory foam that customizes to your feet, for the ultimate footwear experience. Not to mention, its Aegis Antimicrobial Technology makes it easy to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your feet. Overall, the Skyler boots are great for their excellent arch support, memory foam insole, and rubber outsoles.

Shop Aetrex Skyler | Shop Women’s Fall Boots


 9. Cobb Hill Keara Lace-Up Bootie


This is a gorgeous teal boot that’s not only stylish but comfortable! This Cobb Hill Keara is both comfortable and supportive, offering a full-length molded EVA foam insole which adds stability to your walk. Not to mention, the boot’s cushioning foam footbed molds for a personalized fit. Plus, its full-length insole is also removable which allows you to use your own custom insoles or orthotics. In addition, this lace-up and zipper closure in front helps secure your feet and ankle. Finally, its durable outsole delivers stability and shock absorption.

Shop Cobb Hill Keara | Shop Women’s Fall Boots


 10. Spring Step Neske Ankle Bootie

booties for women

The Spring Step Neske is both cute and comfortable. You can pair this vintage-inspired ankle boot with most outfits while maintaining your comfort. Stay comfortable with every step with Neske, as it’s made with a rubber outsole to protect your absorb shock and protect your joints.

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11. Crowne Dilly Ankle Bootie

crowne dilly red

The Crowne Dilly is a stylish little bootie that will add the perfect flair to pants, dresses or leggings this fall. It’s PU contoured footbed cradles your arch and cups your heel for a comfortable and secure step. In addition, a rubber outsole provides traction and all-day comfort.

Shop Crowne Dilly | Shop Women’s Fall Boots





What to Look for In Comfortable Boots and Booties?


You always want to keep your feet and body supportive with every shoe you wear. Look for boots that keep you comfortable and supportive through your busy day. Therefore, they should offer you great arch support to keep your feet from flattening out and help limit pronation.


Contoured footbeds are also great for comfort and support. You should also look for contoured footbeds since they help promote alignment by evenly distributing your weight across your foot.


If you are someone who wears custom-made orthotics or prefers extra support from over-the-counter arch supports, removable footbeds are great for you. For one thing, they allow you to easily remove the current shoe footbeds and replace them with most custom and over-the-counter orthotics.


Finally, another boot feature that is critical for your comfort is shock absorbency. Your next ankle boot or bootie should help minimize or absorb harmful shock from the ground up. Good shock absorbing shoes are made with thick rubber outsoles for shock-absorption and traction.


Where to Shop Comfortable Fall Ankle Boots & Booties for Women?

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Where you prefer to shop online or at any Lucky Feet Shoes stores, we have a large selection of fall ankle boots & booties for women. However, if you prefer personalized shoe fittings, great customer service, we have nine comfort shoe stores located in Southern California. Which are located in Costa MesaAnaheim HillsRancho CucamongaRiversideSan DimasLong BeachTemeculaLa Quinta, and Palm Desert. Therefore, we invite you to stop by for a free foot analysis and try-on our fall ankle boots & booties this season. In addition, we have a large selection of comfort shoes, wide shoes, arch support, and custom orthodotics! We carry a wide selection of comfortable footwear ranging from sandals, heels, walking shoes, running shoes, casual sneakers, clogs, wedges, flats, booties, and boots. Therefore, we encourage you to shop in-store for our personalized customer service and free foot analysis! Schedule a free foot analysis today!

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