Top Walking Trails in Long Beach, CA

Top Walking Trails in Long Beach, CA

Top Walking Trails in Long Beach, CA

Long Beach, CA has a lot to offer from parks, beaches, business opportunities to nightlife. Located in the Greater Los Angeles area of Southern California, this beautiful city offers vast parks and recreational centers for those seeking top walking trails in Long Beach. If you are looking for oceanic sceneries, wildlife, native flowers, and shaded walking trails; keep reading! You’ll find top 5 walking trails in Long Beach, CA, which will keep you wishing you learned about sooner.

  1. Dominguez Gap Wetlands

Dominguez Gap Wetlands is beautiful for its scenery and wildlife. There is a trail that follows the 710 freeway and runs all the way to the ocean. This trail opens up to picturesque wetlands with native flowers and plants. You can walk for about an hour spotting dozens of species of bird and plant life.

  1. El Dorado East Regional Park

El Dorado East Regional Park is a gorgeous park with infinite amenities and beautiful sceneries. This park has a few walking trails, which one is a short but beautiful walking trail with lots of shaded areas for a blissful morning walk. If you are a runner, the only problem is that you’re not allowed to jog or run, so it’s mainly good for nature strolls and walks.Top Walking Trails in Long Beach

  1. Bluff Park

For those of you who have not heard of Bluff Park, it’s a small, upscale neighborhood in Long Beach, CA; located between Ocean Boulevard and a tall bluff above the large sandy beach in the area. This park has a concentrate trail which is great for bikers, skaters, and walkers. This wonderful park is in a great neighborhood with lots of activities going on regularly.

  1. El Dorado Nature Center

Many Long Beach residents argue El Dorado Nature Center is a hidden treasure of Los Angeles County. This is a lovely place to take a morning walk or evening stroll and enjoy its beautiful scenery. You can find clearly marked walking trails which make it easy to find your ideal path for your walk. Many of the trails are along a small body of water, enhancing the scenic appeal of this popular walking venue.

  1. Willow Springs Park

Located in the city of Long Beach, CA; Will Springs Park gets its name from its location since it rests between Willow Street and Spring Street with an access from Orange Avenue. This park has a short walking trail that leads you to the Longview Point. On a clear day, you can see most of Long Beach all the way to downtown Los Angeles. Of course, its beautiful ocean views make this park one our top walking trails in Long Beach.

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