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When medical conditions, illnesses or injuries limit your mobility, a physical therapist in Santa Ana may be able to help. A physical therapist in Santa Ana can provide you with the services you need to maintain and restore your maximum movement. So, if you are searching for a top physical therapist in Santa Ana to ease your pain and help improve your function and mobility; keep reading.

California Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy

Passionate about their profession, California Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy offers a comprehensive range of services including a specialty division dedicated to hand therapy. California Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy provide a wide range of services to patients of all ages, with a strong emphasis on the care of the spine and joints. Their major services include Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Custom Orthotics, Performance Enhancement Programs, ASTYM System of Soft Tissue Mobilization, Ergonomic Assessments, Industrial Rehab/Workers’, Compensation, Golf Fitness Program, TMJ-Facial Pain, and Women’s Health. Their therapists’ primary focus is their patients and their complete return to function. Therefore, you can be confident California Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy will provide the service you require.

Office location: 2101 E 4th St, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Mariners Physical Therapy

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Known for their manual therapy skills, Mariners Physical Therapy provides a comprehensive, team approach to manage orthopedic, sports and neurological injuries. Their techniques come from years of experience and a comprehensive approach to the treatment of an injury or condition. In addition to manual skills, Mariners Physical Therapy in Santa Ana utilizes the most current medical technologies to reduce pain and stimulate healing which includes ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cold laser, electromyographic biofeedback muscle re-education, cervical and Lumbar decompression (traction), ice compression, paraffin wax, and bone stimulation. With over 26 years of experience in physical therapy, the therapists at Mariners are able to get patients better, faster.

Office location: 201 Sandpointe Ave, Suite 130, Santa Ana, CA 92707

Santa Ana Tustin Physical Therapy

Now in business for over 40 years, Santa Ana Tustin Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care available in physical therapy. Their staff consists of 4 full-time therapists, and a friendly office staff to assist you with all of your insurance questions and scheduling needs. Of course, their small clinic size allows this physical therapist in Santa Ana to focus on their patients. In addition, each individual’s treatment is personalized to meet their unique needs, from the high-level athlete to the senior citizen.

Office location: 1910 Old Tustin Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705

MOTUS Specialists Physical Therapy

MOTUS Specialists Physical Therapy is a top Therapist in Santa Ana as their proven approach is centered around the use of neuromuscular training to regain function and return their clients to doing the things they love. MOTUS Specialists Physical Therapy incorporates primitive movement patterns that are innate in the human developmental process and use them to correct movement faults. Their team analyzes movement as it is intended to be and the focus is on targeting the source of the problem, not just curing the site.

Office location: 100 East MacArthur Blvd, Santa Ana, CA 92707

Visit a Physical Therapist in Santa Ana

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Physical therapists help patients get back to their normal selves, free of pain and suffering, so they can enjoy the daily activities they once used to. If you are experiencing foot pain, back pains, recovering from a surgery, sports injury, a slip-and-fall; visiting a physical therapist in Santa Ana could be the right answer.
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physical theraphist in Santa Ana

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