You Know the Drille

You Know the Drille

Comfort and Style Shoes- Choose Your Drille

The only thing in life that is certain is change. In fashion change is a must. Trends come and go on a seasonal basis, but there are some staples that hold their place year after year. Besides my Birks, denim, and white tee, every spring and summer the espadrille is my key staple.

deb black (1)The woven jute rope gives the espadrille its earthy look. The base of the shoes is what makes it so unique, and can be topped off with any current trend. Lucky Feet proves that this year with the spring 2016 collection of Eric Michael’s; Jillian, Jayden, and Deb. Each style is designed with high quality leather, and a cushioned, leather wrapped foot-bed that is less abrasive on the ball of the foot. They are truly designed for comfort without having to give up style trends.


In my opinion the Jillian is the most versatile of the three espadrilles. When it comes to styling, this wedge, in red – can go from 50’s rockabilly, to classic nautical style, and can be worn by any woman of any age that just prefers a flirty spring look

Although the Jillian was the most versatile and the first one on my foot (in gold), I ended up purchasing the Jayden. My style is more hippy chic, and the Jayden in black fits my wardrobe perfect. I wear mine with flared jeans and a flowy top for a more casual look, or a maxi dress for added height.



The platform style on the Jayden keeps you steady by raising the forefoot in tandem with the heel to reduce the angle that most heels can put on foot; causing issues such as, Achilles tendonitis. The Jayden also has a raised toe that helps roll the foot and ankle forward to reduce the pressure on the forefoot. This feature helps if you know you’ll be doing more walking than heels are meant for.

Then there is the classic flat espadrille; Deb. For those of us who have sworn off heels for life, Eric Michael really vamps up this flat style sandal with metallic gold accents and a lush suede fabric. This sandal is a perfect space saver for the jet-setting-gal that needs her shoes to make a statement from day to night whether she’s dressed casual or dressy.

Comfort Shoes

Not all comfort shoes have to be hideous and Lucky Feet Shoes continues to set the pace for women who love to stay on top of what’s in. Stop in at any of our 8 locations and have one of our trained pedorthic fashionistas, and fitters help you – choose your drille.