Lucky Feet Shoes: Top Ten Shoes for Bunions

10 Best Casual Shoes for Bunions

When it comes to Bunions, it can be fairly difficult to find shoes that fit comfortably. Not only are you looking for a shoe to feel good, but you also want it to look good. Sometimes, the most supportive and best fitting shoes for a Bunion are on the bulkier side because a wider toe box is needed, but here at Lucky Feet Shoes, we’ve listed some styles that are cute, fun and comfortable enough to accommodate your Bunion. Wearing shoes can become very difficult with bunions. Luckily, we have reviewed a list of the 10 Best Casual Shoes For Bunions:

1. TRAQ by Alegria Qwik


Best shoes for bunions: ALEGRIA Traq Qwik
Lucky Feet Shoes: ALEGRIA Traq Qwik Black Out

The Qwik is a great casual shoe that works great with Bunions. First off, the Qwik features Alegria’s Dream Knit Fabric which conforms to your foot for a custom flexible fit. The soft, flexible, and seamless materials will fit comfortably around the Bunion allowing for a distraction-free walk. The Qwik also offers Alegria’s signature footbed for added support and stability, not to mention the adjustable hook and loop strap for a custom fit! The arch support offered in this shoe will help to alleviate common aches and pains associated with Bunions. An additional added feature is the embedded Q-chip that tracks your every step in real-time and transmits the information to your TRAQ smartphone app so you know exactly how many steps you’ve taken every time you wear it! This is a go-to casual woman shoe, for those with a Bunion; it’s perfect for running errands or a casual stroll around town. If you suffer from Bunions and have trouble finding shoes that fit, grab a pair of the TRAQ Qwik today!


2. Arcopedico LS


Best shoes for bunions: ARCOPEDICO LS
Lucky Feet Shoes: ARCOPEDICO LS Green Earth

An all-time favorite, the LS by Arcopedico is sure to give instant relief if you struggle to find shoes that fit your Bunion. The Arcopedico LS is known for its blend of techno elastic upper technology with the use of special knitted nylon fibers that provides controlled freedom of your foot shape. The flexible and forgiving upper material will not restrict your feet in any way and the lace-up design allows for a truly custom fit. The best part about the LS is that the knit material molds and moves with the shape of your foot providing the utmost comfort for even the most problematic feet, especially Bunions! The contoured arch support installed in the LS will help to alleviate pressure off of your bunion. The LS is a perfect casual shoe for everyday wear. This shoe is so lite; it can travel with you if you’re on the go! If you struggle to find a casual lace-up that won’t rub on your Bunion than the LS is the shoe for you.


3. Dansko Honor Wide


Best shoes for bunions: DANSKO Honor Wide
Lucky Feet Shoes: DANSKO Honor Wide Black/Black Suede

The Dansko Honor is dynamic in design; the sporty casual Honor sneaker is comfortable, stylish, and just plain fun. This shoe is an all-time favorite, and is now offered in a wide width! The extra width offers a boxier toe box which provides more toe room and is great for those who suffer from Bunions. The Honor features suede and mesh uppers, accented with bands of webbing, and elasticized laces with a toggle closure to offer easy entry and a personalized fit. Dansko’s contoured footbed with built-in arch support offloads pressures from your Bunion, while the roomy toe box allows for extra wiggle room. The extra space and cute design allow you to feel good and look good on your next adventure!


4. Aravon Pyper Cross Strap


Best shoes for bunions: AVARON Pyper Cross Strap
Lucky Feet Shoes: AVARON Pyper Cross Strap Black

The Pyper Cross Strap by Aravon is a casual mary jane with a sporty look and is sure to accommodate anyone suffering from a Bunion! If you are in search of a shoe that can be dressed up or down this is the shoe to go with. The Pyper features soft finished leathers and flexible materials. The extra toe depth the Pyper offers will allow a Bunion to fit nicely inside this shoe. The footbed of this shoe is removable and can easily accommodate any standard or custom orthotic. The added stability and support of this shoe will help to ease the pain associated with Bunions. With added features like added arch support and adjustable hook and loop cross straps this shoe is extremely versatile and will work perfectly with a Bunion.


5. Dansko Paisley


Best shoes for bunions: DANSKO Paisley
Lucky Feet Shoes: Dansko Paisley Pine Milled Nubuck

The Dansko Paisley is a great shoe option for someone who is looking for a casual shoe that will accommodate a Bunion. The Paisley is sporty enough for the outdoors and casual enough for everyday wear. The features of the Paisley are slip resistant sole, waterproof top that is scotch guard treated and a deep depth footbed. The depth of this shoe is great because it offers more toe room. More toe room means more space to accommodate a Bunion. The laces on this shoe allow for a customized fit, allowing for a more snug fit or a looser fit. The Paisley also features a movable triple-density footbed with arch support and shock absorption and can accommodate most standard and custom orthotics. Also, the added built-in shank will offer your foot more stability and support. So if you’re looking for a casual shoe that will work well with your Bunion grab a pair of the Dansko Paisleys today!


6. Olukai Nohea Moku


Best shoes for bunions: OLUKAI Nohea Moku
Lucky Feet Shoes: Olukai Men’s Nohea Moku Charcoal/Clay

The Nohea Moku by Olukai is a great option for someone who struggles to find a shoe that fits a Bunion comfortably. The Nohea was designed to be an elevated version of the traditional boat shoe. The upper is ideal for a Bunion, with lightweight breathable mesh, stretch air mesh tongue, no-tie laces and gusset you’ll be able to comfortably get in and out of the Nohea Moku easily without irritation to your Bunion. In addition with a dual-density anatomical PU footbed and a polyurethane, a gel inserts you’re sure to get relief from the common aches and pains that come along with Bunions. Additionally, the arch support provided inside the Nohea will give proper support and stabilize the heel, in return puts your foot into a neutral position which helps to eliminate Bunion pain. The Nohea Moku features Olukai’s patented Drop-In Heel® design that allows for versatility and can be worn as a shoe or slide. If you want a shoe you can wear on and off the boat this season, and also be at ease knowing your Bunion will not be in any pain, then this is the shoe for you.


7. Rockport World Tour


Best shoes for bunions: ROCKPORT World Tour
Lucky Feet Shoes: Rockport World Tour Brown

The World Tour by Rockport is a full grain leather lace up casual men’s shoe. The leathers are so pristine that with time, the leathers will soften and conform to your feet which work perfectly with a Bunion. With a roomy toe box and a lace up design, you can easily get in and out of the world tour comfortably without irritating your Bunion. In addition, the inner sole of the shoe is removable and can accommodate custom or over the counter orthotics. This can be a beneficial option because it will provide your arches and Bunions with proper support. The World Tour can be used to run errands or for dinner with friends. Also, the world tour features an EVA outsole which helps to provide lightweight shock absorption that in return helps to reduce foot and leg fatigue. Additionally, the tongue and collar are padded – this helps to protect the wearer from excessive rubbing and to prevent blisters. In all, the World Tour by Rockport is sleek and good looking, but best of all is perfect for someone who is struggling to find a shoe that fits a Bunion.


8. Ziera Allsorts


Best shoes for bunions: ZIERA Allsorts
Lucky Feet Shoes: Ziera Allsorts Black

The Allsorts by Ziera is a casual lace-up sneaker with lots of depth and toe room. The Allsorts works best with someone who has a Bunion but struggles to find a cute comfortable lace up. The generous widths, roomy toe area and strong steel shank all make this shoe the most comfortable and supportive shoe to accommodate a Bunion. The Allsorts also features an unparalleled cushioned underfoot with arch support for added comfort. In addition, the insole that comes with the Allsorts has the perfect amount of arch support to eliminate pressure on the Bunion, Additionally, the laces on the Allsorts allow for customized adjustability depending on the width of your feet and Bunion. The Allsorts is made with lightweight material so you won’t be weighed down no matter how long you have them on for! In all, the Ziera Allsorts is made luxuriously so you can wear them all day with confidence knowing you won’t be in any pain.


9. Allrounder Niro


Best shoes for bunions: ALLROUNDER Niro
Lucky Feet Shoes: Allrounder Niro Loft Cloud Suede

The Niro by Allrounder has a sporty look that can support your feet on a hike or around town. The casual everyday look to this shoe makes it versatile and fun! The deep toe box and mesh uppers fit a Bunion comfortably. The mesh uppers are particularly great because it allows for flexibility to accommodate any Bunion, and breathability to keep your feet fresh throughout the day. Additionally, there are two adjustable straps, one at the instep and one at the ankle. This assures maximum comfort and adjustability so you get the perfect fit no matter the size of your feet. Also, there are shock absorbers in the heel that were created to reduce the damaging impact to an absolute minimum and to relieve the joints, vertebrae, and spin of harmful impact. In addition, the all-natural inner lining ensures a healthy and consistently pleasant foot climate. As an added bonus, the insoles are removable and can accommodate an over the counter insole or a custom orthotic. In all, the adjustability, soft materials, and deep toe box make the Niro the perfect casual shoe if you have Bunion.


10. OTBT Marriet


Best shoes for bunions: OTBT Marriet
Lucky Feet Shoes: OTBT Marriet Grey Pewter

The OTBT Marriet is a lightweight casual slip-on, with lots of toe room. This slip-on is sure to fit a Bunion perfectly. Made with genuine leathers and light-weight materials this casual slip-on by OTBT is sure to be your new go-to shoe! What makes these shoes so perfect for a Bunion are the soft leather outsoles that will glide right over your Bunion. Also, the two corners elastic goring’s give just enough stretch to allow for the perfect fit. In addition, the Marriet features Advanced OTBT Technology. OTBT Technology is a special collection designed with dramatic improvements to revolutionize comfort. These features include weightless technology, memory foam with dual density cushion and a weightless design. All of these combine for footwear that is redefining everyday comfort. Also, the footbed is equally awesome, with curved high arch support and an extra EVA padding, this gives each step a cushion you can feel. In all, the OTBT Marriet offers what you need in a shoe when struggling to find one that fits your Bunion.
In the end, you don’t always have to wear a big bulky tennis shoe just because you have a Bunion. Also, orthopedic shoes are no longer ugly; you can easily find a great looking shoe that fits your foot like a glove. It just takes a little time and effort to find exactly what works for your foot.


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